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could you post a diagram showing how to wire a ceiling fan

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could you post a diagram showing how to wire a ceiling fan on a 3 way setup with a 3rd switch to control the fan alone?

Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Could you give a little more detail, please?

You have this wiring in place or you are wanting to run cables and make an addition?

You state 3 ways and another switch, which switches will control the fan?

Will the fan have a light also?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I remodeling a hallway so we'll call it new construction. Ive ran 14/2 from the breaker to the first 3 way switch then 14/3 to the next switch then i planned on running 14/3 to the fan/with lights. However id like to control the fan itself on a separate switch then the lights. I only want one switch for the fan itself but 2 (on each end of the hallway) to control the lights.

Thank you

Thanks so much for the extra information.

I believe I understand what you have done so far.
Just correct anything below that is not correct and advise on any additional..

You have a 14/2 cable from the panel to a 3 way switch, 14/3 from that 3 way to the next 3 way switch and a 14/3 from the 2nd 3 way location to the ceiling..
The first 3 way is in a single box.
The 2nd 3 way is in a double gang box with another single pole.

3 ways will operate the light, and the single pole will operate the fan.

If all this is correct, can you still run cables? You will be short a run.

Need 14/2 power at the single pole location.

Two options at this point,
Run the power from the breaker to the double switch location instead or add another cable run for power to the double switch location

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

All is accurate except the double gang has the 14/2 (power) coming into it.


Can i just splice the power to both switches in the double gang box and run an additional 14/2 from the single switch to the ceiling fan to operate the fan alone?


In other words the ceiling fan would have a 14/3 (control lights at two different locations) and an additional 14/2 running into it to control just the fan?


Seems odd that 2 powers (14/2 and a 14/3) run into the same box?

Ok, thanks so much.

I misunderstood on where the power was going, if it is at the double gang, then you are good to go.

Pay attention to the BLACK screw on the 3 ways, that is the Common screw and most important as seen in the diagram below.

Let me know if all is clear and understandable.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It looks good. Just to be clear though. 14/2 into the double gang. 14/3 to the second 3way switch. and 14/3 from the double gang to ceiling fan?

That is correct.

The 2 switches on the right are the double gang.
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