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I am building a new house and need to run my wires from the

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I am building a new house and need to run my wires from the meter box outside through a 12" thick ICF wall in 2" PVC conduit that must then pass through an empty inside wall that has a 12 inch cavity where the inside breaker box is mounted. The incoming conduit from the outside wall doesn't line up where it could sweep directly into the center of the indoor breaker box. My question is whether I need to use conduit all the way to the box or if my wires can just exit the conduit in the concrete wall and bend up to the center of the breaker box and pass code. I saw a house down the street where the incoming 000 wires did just that, but they were sleeved in some type of plastic cover as shown in photo. Not sure my local Lowe's has that setup and the other question is what kind of clamp etc. would be needed as it comes in the bottom of the breaker box? Should I just check with local electrical supply house for suggestions? Or is conduit required all the way to the box? Sch 40 OK since it would only run through concrete wall and inaccessible wall cavity?

Welcome to just Answer!

An offset will most likely work..

but you need to know a few tricks to go along with it


First you need to find a short offset fitting like this one, not one of the longer ones.
Then dismount your box inside the house locate that last..not first.

Next fit you outside piece use a threaded conduit coupling, identical to pipe coupling except a little thinner wall and with a smoother finish. and to convert the short offset to a 'box adapter'


remove the thin nut on the left end of it and screw that into the threaded coupling that you attached to the offset piece shown above.

Then poke the conduit that runs to the outside of the house into the compression fitting shown on the right side the adapter shown in this picture

Then...rotate the offset so that it lines up with location you want for your box inside...then fit the inside box.

I understand that you may have already built the walls and do not have access, so it can be quite difficult. ..sometimes a person has to be a bit resourceful to get all these sorts of things resolved.

Look this over, let me know what you think, we can go from there as needed.


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