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Jason, Service Technician
Category: Electrical
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Im re-wiring my basement. I have a cutler hammer ch22ccm100

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I'm re-wiring my basement. I have a cutler hammer ch22ccm100 breaker panel, and am looking for a twin/half size circuit breaker because I have 3 circuits that will be re-wired but need 2 more for the range of things to run in the basement. Are there twin/half size breakers available for this breaker panel?

Jason :

Hello. Welcome to Just Answer.

Jason :

There is a tandem type breaker that fits the CH series of Cutler Hammer panels.

Jason :

As a side note, that is Cutler Hammer's older, original model. They have since released the BR series.

Jason :

The breaker frame on the BR series is basically identical to the Siemens residential breaker, as well as GE, and Square D Homeline.

Jason :

It would be the narrower style, shown in the first two photos from the left.

Customer: Difference between chnt and cht? Electrical supply house went right to the CHT2020 but I wanted a second opinion.
Jason :

The CHNT would be for panels built before 1968.

Jason :

I can post another Home Depot product page, which would allow you to compare the 2 part numbers. As for appearance, they look identical.

Jason :

Would you like to see the other product page?

Customer: I've got them both up, but don't understand how they
Jason :

I'm not sure I would trust Home Depot's images completely, as it appears they used the same photo for both part numbers.

Customer: Are different. It's "n" versus no "n"
Jason :

The CHNT does say "non current limiting", but it also states that it protects the wire from shorting and overheating by tripping to the off position. At any rate, it does appear they have both. My suggestion would be to take a single pole breaker from the panel with you to the store, and compare all the fine details, so you get the right one.

Jason :

I don't think they would give you any trouble if you needed to make an exchange, if by chance you did somehow end up with the wrong one.

Customer: Hmm. So you're telling me the difference is really in the mount design, and one will fit while the other will not?
Jason :

Yes, that's correct.

Customer: So there's no difference between a current-limiting breaker and a non-current-limiting breaker?
Jason :

They are both rated at 20 amps, so for Home Depot to say it is "non current limiting" is a bit obscure. But the non current limiting takes longer to trip.

Jason :

However, the time difference is minimal.

Jason :

It's so fast, it wouldn't be noticeable.

Jason :

Here's a forum chat that explains it well...

Customer: Ok... Thanks... This helps. Still a little confused about the limiting vs non limiting. Am I creating a problem by adding a twin circuit breaker in place of a single breaker?
Jason :

No, as long as your panel accepts it without any modifications.

Customer: Rockin. Thanks! Good to go.
Jason :

Sounds good. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Customer: Well, one more question! Electrical outlets and recessed lighting - same circuit or different circuit?
Jason :

You can mix them if you want, there's no Code that says you can't. But personally, I don't like to mix lighting and outlets when installing new circuits. Would you like to know why?

Jason :

Imagine going into a carpeted room to run a vacuum. You turn on the light, plug in the vacuum, and due to a problem with it, it trips the breaker. Depending on ambient lighting, you could now be in a completely dark room trying to find your way out without tripping over something.

Customer: T
Customer: Thinking the same way. Keep em on different circuits. Done!
Jason :

Thanks so much for the opportunity to help.

Customer: I appreciate the help. Signing off
Jason :

If you found my service helpful, please take the time to rate it. Thanks again.

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