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HI Im installing a hot tub from a sub panel. In my basement

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HI I'm installing a hot tub from a sub panel. In my basement is the main panel. It has a 100amp 220 reg breaker supplying the in attached garage sub panel with four wires red/black on the breaker and white and ground on the bars. In the 100amp sub panel the red/black are on the main breaker and the white on one bar with the ground on the other bar. the bar are not tied together. There's also a second sub panel in the shed tie to the first sub panel with a 30amp 220 breaker red/black on the 30 amp breaker white with the white bar and ground with the ground bar. The second sub panel just has lugs red\black the main lugs and white/ground are not tie together. This panel also has a ground rod to the ground bar. Ok as for the hot tub it be a small gfi panel made for hot tubs. The way it wire up is from the first sub panel with a reg 60amp 220 breaker red\black on the breaker and the white and ground are there own bars. In the hot tub panel the red\black are on the main lugs and the white and ground are on different bars. the gfci white is with the white bar and the white going to the hot tub. the ground from the hot tub is with the ground bar. red\black are on the breaker. In the hot tub each wire has its own place. Problem gfci trip as soon as I flip the sub panel breaker on.

Jason :

Hello. Welcome to Just

Jason :


Jason :

When wiring a hot tub to the double pole GFI breaker, the breaker's white pigtail goes to the neutral bar.

Jason :

But the white wire that goes out to the tub needs to be on the double pole GFI breaker. There is actually a silver terminal screw, typically with a small area of white paint near it, which is there for your load neutral.

Jason :

The hot tub is the load, so its white wire needs to be on the GFI breaker, at the proper terminal.


I knew it was some think simple I was missing out on. That worked thank you Jason.

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