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cllishof, Electrical Technician
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Hi, I have a Leviton 4-way switch to replace a 4-way that was

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Hi, I have a Leviton 4-way switch to replace a 4-way that was failing.

On the old 4-way, the incoming black wire was bottom left, incoming red top left, outgoing black bottom right, and outgoing red top right.

The old switch was labeled Line1 on left and Line 2 on right.

The new Leviton switch is labeled 'Input' on the top 2 poles and 'output' on the bottom two poles.

I wired it like the old one and the switch doesn't work, but the other 3 way switch does.

On this new switch, do the red and black from one switch go on top and the red and black to the other go on the bottom? This seems to contradict every wiring diagram I have seen.


cllishof : Input would be black and red wires coming in out put would be black and red wires going out as I remember it. Do you have switch model number

The box says CSB4

cllishof : Yes black and red from one 3way to top and black and red from the other 3way to bottom

Got it. I just realized there is a diagram printed on the inside of the box that confirms what you're saying. Thanks for the quick reply!

cllishof : No problem glad I could help!
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