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Wiring an outdoor backyward Cabana/Shed which is 75 foot run

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Wiring an outdoor backyward Cabana/Shed which is 75 foot run from the main panel. I was advised by a Home Depot rep to run 10/2 underground wire in 3/4" PVC (18" deep trench) to a Siemens 30A sub panel. This sub panel disconnect switch has 2 x 15a screw in fuse/mini-breakers. I will be running 3 x 50W pot lights, 2 x 60w shed lights, bar fridge and a couple of general use duplex outlets for radio or other random 110v items (all won't be on at the same time). Ideally I would like to have 2 x 15a circuits .....1 for the cabana bar area (fridge, pot lights, etc) and 1 circuit for the shed part of the building (2 ceiling lights and 2 duplex outlets. There is no need for 240v in this building tools, etc.

1) Do I use a single breaker 30a (for 120v) at my main panel or double breaker 30a (for 240v) with this Siemens disconnect switch in the cabana/shed?

2) If I use a single 30a breaker for this 10/2 wire, can I get 2 15a circuits from this sub panel? The panel has 2 line lugs and a ground block. How do I wire this properly?

3) Do I even need 30a breakers at my main panel or would 20a single breaker suffice? If so, how would I use this 30a sub panel/switch or do I need it in this case? If not, how would I wire the building?

Hi, I'm Mike and I'll be glad to assist you. The 2 pole disconnect should be fed from a 4 wire feeder. 2 hots, 1 neutral and 1 ground. A 2 pole 30A breaker in the house and 2 either 15 or 20A breakers in the remote disconnect. This has the disconnect wired as it should be and allows for additional future additions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Mike,

One thing I should have mentioned is that I have already run the 3/4" PVC and the 10/2 wire out to the cabana/ I don't have 10/3. What can I do with the 10/2 that is already run? Can I use this 30a sub panel?

Well at this point the only thing to do is wire the feed black to both lugs with a jumper and that will work with what you have. Next project check with us and not a clerk at Home Depot.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Mike. Agreed and wish I had of known about this site prior to having the 20 minute conversation from the Home Depot "expert" and pulling this 10/2 wire! :)


So since this 30a disconnect switch has one top "line" lug for each fuse which I now bridge, do I run the white and the bare copper wire to the other small side post (it has 3 screws). I guess I then split the load and 14/2 wire across these two fused lower "load" lugs correct?


Do I use the single 30a breaker at my main panel then? I need a ground rod at the shed wired to the switch ground lug?



Single circuit doesn't require a ground rod. the ground and the neutral land on there own bar. You can just add a lug screwed the the disconnect enclosure for the grounds and the neutral on the neutral bat. The bond screw is not used. A single 30A breaker in the main panel. I suggest that you install GFCI outlet in the shed.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK thanks. Sorry, not sure what a "bond screw" is and where in the disconnect enclosure. I can get a new lug to secure the copper ground to the case and understand that the neutral (white) would be secured to the common side lug area.


I have attached pictures of the switch enclosure.





So just to be clear on the ...... use GFI outlets even though the disconnect has two 15a push button breakers in the screw-in fuse holders? I was going to do that but thought it might be overkill with the breakers in the disconnect. No problem getting GFIs if it is preferred way to do it.


Thanks again for all your help Mike!

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