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Over the past few months Ive noticed that lights in different

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Over the past few months I've noticed that lights in different parts of my home seem to flicker. I'm not even sure if that is the correct term for it as it seems a bit of an exaggeration. Often times the occurrence is so quick that I am unsure if the lights flickered or if I simply blinked. My house was built in 1982 and, aside from this, I haven't noticed any other anomalies. I am, admittedly, paranoid about wiring as I've had two family members have house fires that were related to wiring issues.

I have checked the breaker boxes--there are no noises and there does not seem to be any excess heat. Is an occasional brief flicker something I need to be concerned with? If this were indicative of some sort of arcing or other dangerous electrical issue would it get progressively worse? Thank you for any information.

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Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm here to answer any of your electrical questions.

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Does this happen at any given time? Or when a event is happening? Like when the air conditioner kicks on?

Customer: I have seen it happen when the AC kicks on, but it happens other times as well. Not terribly often...
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What kind of lights do you have as far as the bulbs go? Fluorescent, led's or incandescent?

Customer: They are all CFL
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CFL's are very sensitive and sometimes flicker any time there is a fluctuation in voltage. The best advice I can give you right now is to call the power company, let them know what is going on, and they will check their side of things. When the CFL is not the problem and there is flickering going on the cause is usually related to a loose neutral on the power companies side of things.

Customer: Will do. You've been very helpful. Thank you.
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Another thing you can do is make sure that all of your connections in your panel are nice and tight Make sure to turn off the main breaker first. Then remove the outer panel. After that you will see all the connections where the wires attach to. The breakers, and the ground and neutral bar, or bars. Tighten all of them.

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THank you very much. If you have further questions, just let me know. Please rate, and thank you for your time.

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Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent rating. It is greatly appreciated. If you have any more electrical questions, please let me know. Here is my profile page. Thanks again.