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There is a box under my meter and to the right of my breaker

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There is a box under my meter and to the right of my breaker box that has a large on off on switch to the side and a large black cord with a 4 prong cord coming out of the bottom. The housing around the prongs has 30 A 125/250 V on it. What is this thing? I am in the market for a portable generator due to frequent outages and was just wondering if this might be something the former owner had installed to connect one directly to the house. If so, what do I need to know about it to use it and how does it affect the type of generator I should buy?
Hi. I am Ken & will be glad to answer your question. The disconnect & outlet you describe should not be used as a connection for a backup generator. This would be a code violation and is very dangerous.
Tony, in spite of what you may have heard, this can create a life threatening situation and can cause extensive damage both to you and your family, your electrical system, and utility company personnel. Connecting a generator should only be done with the use of a generator transfer switch which can be manual or automatic.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX had no intention of connecting it to anything without proper knowledge. My original question was two fold. The part of the question involving the generator is answered. I understand that this thing on my wall is not intended for a generator hookup. The other part of the question was what this thing actually is. It is a box with a long cord attached to my electrical system so I assume it was put there for some purpose?


You are welcome, safety is always my first concern. The outlet may have been used for a mobile home or travel trailer/RV.

If I have answered your question, please give me a positive -3, 4, or 5 rating so I can get paid and request me for any future questions you babe. Thank you!
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Tony, thanks much for the positive rating. I stand ready to assist in the future for all of your electrical questions.

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