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I have 150amp service to my house. outside main breaker is

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I have 150amp service to my house. outside main breaker is old fpe tube fuse type. inside panel was updated before we purchased house to new breakers and is completely full.
we have AC unit, instant hot water heater, electric dryer, pool pump, electric stove and electric oven.

question is: we are adding a Aqua Cal t115 pool heater and pool guy wants a dedicated 60 amp breaker ran to location of pool pump and heater.

how can I add this if my panel is full. we thought of adding a subpanel next to main panel outside.

is this ok? need suggestions.
Hi, I'm Mike and I'll be glad to assist you. Every panel has the ability to use twin breakers. If you replace 4 single pole breaker with 2 twins, that will give you the positions for the 2 pole 60A breaker.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so to clarify, you are saying that I can replace 4 single pole breakers with 2 twin 60amp breakers.


then I would be able to run a line (say 6 gauge wire) from one of the new twin breakers to the pool heater location.


but what happens to everything that was already connected to the 4 single pole breakers

4 single poles replaced with 2 twins. The install a 2 pole 60A with #6 wire for the heater. That breaker should be a GFCI. Some mfg's don't make 60A GFCI, so you'll need to check that out.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I understand the part of replacing the breakers and running the wire for the new heater from one of the new 60amp GFCI


but where my confusion is: are you saying that everything else that was originally connected to the 4 single poles will now be connected to the other 60amp break?

That not what I stated.

1) Remove 4 single pole breakers
2) install 2 twin breakers of the rating of the ones removed and connect the circuits to them.
3) You will now have a position open for a 2 pole 60A GFCI.

Does this make it easier to understand?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

maybe I am slow


but if I remove 4 single pole breakers and replace with two twin breakers in the exact same spot as the ones I removed.


how in the world am I going to have a space available for a 60A GFCI


sorry you have been very helpful and I plan to do this tomorrow but just need clarifcation

If you remove 2 individual 20A breaker and replace them with a twin 20/20A, it will only take up the space of one single pole. Do that twice and you'll end up wit a space for the new 60 A GFCI. I can't make it any plainer.