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I use a variable speed/solid state/analog rotary switch to

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I use a variable speed/solid state/analog rotary switch to control an exhaust fan. The bathroom has a dedicated 15a breaker and while the switch is on the line with the light fixture (320 watts, worked by a separate single pole) there is no other draw on the current. Previously we had a single pole switch where this one is and never a problem Problem(s) are when you turn switch on lights flicker and when you turn switch off, there is a spark (arc?) that shoots out from the inside of the switch under the stem. I later find out they sold a double load (6 and not 3a for a 1.5/3a draw fan) and I feel that is the switch that should have been put in, but I didnt know about it. They argure it is the line and not their switch. They dont want to replace it with a more expensive product (by $16) and I told them I would not charge them for the work placing their first switch in and removing this one and installing a new one, but I wasnt going to install a switch that would have no issue at double load. Do you agree it is the switch and a double load would solve the [initial] issue? Incidentally the flickering and sparking happens intermitently which also tells me it isnt the line (IF it were, I think it would happen all the time). My daughters use hairdryers for a half hour at a time with no issue about the single pole, or lights dimming. They are afraid to touch this switch (that flashes) and I agree with them. It needs the larger load var. Please advise and thank you.

Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.


Can you clarify the setup?

Are you operating the fan and the light on the same switch at this time?


Or the fan is on the rotary switch and the light has its own switch?


If they are on separate switches, what is the wattage of the fan?


The light switch arcs or the fan switch?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Light fixture works by single pole switch. Light fixture has outlet at one end to use for say an electric shaver. IN that outlet is a line that connects to the fan and has rotary switch in line. One switch does not work the other. The fan wattage is 1.5a and the arc comes from the rotary switch. The fan is a Dayton model 1HLA2. Switch is 1DGV1 (and I think would be better served witha 1DGV2. Double the amperage, so surge is no issue. If THAT arcs, than something else is going on). There is a GFCI for the hair dryer. Thank you,

Thanks for the information, it is appreciated.


If the arcing is from the rotary switch, something definitely is wrong with the switch and it needs replacing.

That should not be happening.


The larger one of course is a good choice, looking at the fan installed.


I am sure at startup on the fan, it has a much higher inrush than the operating 1.5 amps in its specifications.


That it self may have led or will lead to premature failures.


I would want the 1DGV2
Speed Control, Rotary, Adjustable, Voltage 115, Max Amps 6, Max Wattage 720


It is double what you have in place now as you stated.




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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX your help.

you are most welcome, glad to assist.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

FYI I got off the telephone with Grainger. They agreed the higher load switch should have not only been selected, the original did not work and they wanted me to review what happened to tell others. I said your kidding? They said no. They also said both switches should have been shown and they werent. They stood by the switch when the company that made it said "Get an electrician". A local electrician even said it was the switch and I should replace it with the higher load one. Grainger is incredible! If I may, I will ask for you with other questions. I wish I could tip you sir, but the sub is all I can do.

I use Grainger on occasion and have used them many times in the past.


They have it all, to say the least and as you found, they have great customer service.


Please do keep me in mind for any future items that may arise, I do appreciate your asking and ratings are what matter and that alone is much appreciated.



AssuredElectrical and other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you