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I just received Juno 5" remodel TC20R housing and the white

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I just received Juno 5" remodel TC20R housing and the white baffle trim 205W-WH, but I cannot get the trim to fit into the housing. The housing has the extended clips for the butterfly type springs. The white baffle trim has the two "springs" for attachment. The baffle cannot get past he protruding clips.
Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Can you please clarify?

Are you saying that the trim ring will not fit inside the opening?

Or the trim ring hits the clips that hold the can to the ceiling?

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The trim ring hits the clips in the housing. The diameter is fine but cannot get the trim into the housing due to the clips for the "butterfly" type springs which this trim does not have.




Ok, that is what it sounded like but wanted to be sure.

The clips that hold the housing to the ceiling, are they secured?

When they are secured, that should latch against the ceiling extremely tight, and the inside should be flush with the housing.

You have to hold some pressure on the housing at the bottom and use a pair of pliers (what I use anyway) to force the clip completely tight and against the inside of the housing.
That way you have some resistance at the bottom to keep from pushing down on the sheet rock.
They will lock hard in place and the clip pinches the sheet rock between it and the ring on the housing.

If you could post a picture it would allow me to see the position of the clip inside.

Can upload a pic to

They will give you a link, and post that link her for accessing the picture.

Hopefully the explanation is good enough to understand , just let me know if I confused the issue any.

If the clips are not set at their end and take up space inside they can be in the way.
Otherwise, the trim should slide right by the clip ends.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The clips that hold the housing are secured to the ceiling sheetrock and are not the problem. The problem is that the brackets that are intended for the torsion springs some style trims are in the way. The Juno 205W trim uses regular springs and not the torsion spring. The brackets for the torsion spring is preventing the trim from fully seating in the housing.


I was just re reading the post and also verifying all the trims available for that housing.

After reading the comments, I was beginning to be inclined it had the tabs and it was not the expansion hold down clips in the way.

The housing is designed for 2 different styles, one being the lifting expanding style and then the torsion.

The tabs on the sides for the torsion springs to clip into and raise the trim is for those designed for the wet area location to provide the correct amount of surface pressure on the trim/gasket to prevent moisture.(215 trims are this style)

So, when using the lifting style spring trims which are wider trim inserts. you have to take a strong flat screwdriver or the sides of pliers, then bend those tabs towards the housing to get them out of the way enough for the trim to slide up past them and not catch them on the way down either.

Those are probably riveted on the Juno if I recall so there is no way to unscrew the holding bracket but to fold it over as much as possible.

Many times you can take pliers, open the up, and get them started folding before applying the pressure with the flat side.

Those tabs should easily fold over to allow the trim insert piece to get by.
It should only be a small amount of room needed.

Know it seems odd, but they make these things so universal today and many times there are changes that the end user must make for accommodating.


I suspect it is only a small amount of upward space that is needed? as they sell the larger insert trim to go with the 205 , to cover a little more diameter and also give more depth to the 205.

That ring alone might do the job with no modification, just need to measure how much the trim lacks making the seat against the ceiling.

The extra trim ring is the TR5-WH.


TR5 Trim Ring compatible with 203, 204, 205, 206, 207 trims


Let me know if any difficulties

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