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My energy star (2012) air conditioner fell out of the window

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My energy star (2012) air conditioner fell out of the window ripping the power cord out of the unit.
The three wires inside are green, white, and black. The green and white have clips (green at 90'), the black is bare. I assume the black is a ground that attaches to the empty connector (marked with a ground symbol).
However, on the underside of the circuit board there are two spots for clips, one connected directly to the circuit board and is third in a row of clips the first two wire colors being blue and black, and the other empty clip protruding from a black box on the underside of the circuit board that it shares with a clip with a red wire.
In addition, there's a canister device (about the size of a red bull can) below the circuit board that has an empty clip. It has a red base that it shares with a clip of black wire.
So I've got 2 wires left with 3 possibilities. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to Just Answer!

There is a wiring diagram glued to the inside of the unit on the electrical service panel.
Black is the standard wire color for Line 1 power
White is the standard wire color of neutral
Green is the standard color for *ground.

Look on the wiring diagram and it should show where each of those connect.

Look all that over, let me know what you find. We can go from there.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I can't see any wiring diagram, I just have the circuit board (left of the condenser) . If you mean a wiring diagram as a paper copy included with the unit, we bought this last year and it is long gone.


Hello again, it is unusual that a wiring diagram is not glued to the inside of one of the service panels... now-a-days though nothing surprises me.


Without a diagram we cannot be sure which wire goes where. if I could look at it, I might be able to tell where the wires go.

Can you attach a very clear picture of the area with those wire connections, maybe I can tell from that.

The green goes to a green colored screw on the frame of the unit... the only two other connections would to just 2 other terminals... one is Line 1 (black) the other is 'neutral' (white)... thats standard in the US....the card might be marked L-1 or L1 and N


If the end of the black wire is bare, then it pulled out of its 'clip' and that will still be attached to the terminal it belongs on... that would identify where the black goes.

Let me know what you find

We can go from there until this resolves as long as you keep rating my responses *positively.




Phil and 2 other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was able to download the wiring diagram from star 2012 room air conditioner).

So green is the ground. Black should be going to the empty terminal in the "black plastic box" (labeled RY7 in the diagram, but is RY6 on my circuit board; don't know if that makes much difference). There is a red wire connected to the other terminal on the "box". I would assume that the remaining white wire connects to P8 in the diagram. My only other concern is that one of the terminals on the "small tin can thing" (fan motor, compressor?) has no wire attached to it, and there aren't any left.

Hello again, if the wiring diagram does not match your unit *don't use it.... a person cannot guess or assume anything when wiring ...its quite easy to burn something out that way.

You are mentioning wires that you had not mentioned earlier.

As far as I had understood you had a green, black and white.. green goes to the green ground screw on the cabinet... black if is bare, with no clip on the end (called a female 1/4" spade terminal, would go to the terminal already in place on the circuit board with that 'clip' in place, but the wire missing... that would be the black wire location. You have to buy a new 'clip' called a female 1/4" spade connector for size 12 to 14 wire, all hardware stores carry small packages of those.

That leaves only the white to figure out. White is 'neutral'... send me the URL address to the wiring diagram you have... that might help... even though it is the wrong diagram for your unit.

We can go from there. Phil
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I've already given you the web site instructions to download the electrical diagram (July 20).

Hello again, I would need the full model number to look up a diagram for that unit.


'energy star 2012 room air conditioner' is the broad product line, generic to wide range of different air conditioners

Or...much better than that, since you have already found a diagram that is at least close, if you can pull it up again then copy the entire URL address from the address bar at the top of that page, and paste it into this dialog box, I can just click on it.

If you got the wrong diagram it may be that you did not put in the correct model number, or that the product line has changed. We won't know until I get the full model number.


, note the model numbers for each AC unit in that range... its the bottom number under the picture of each AC unit..... each unit will be different from the others in some aspects.

For instance the first one shown

FRA156MT1... thats a model number even though they do not specifically say it is... we have to search by model numbers to get a workable wiring diagram if indeed GE posted one for the particular unit.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Just got back from out of town.

The model # is FRA126 CT1

I was able to download the diagram at

Hello again, thanks for posting that wiring diagram.

Notice the 'power' coming in the lower left,

The green is attached to the frame of the AC units...thats ground, it is also connected to the U shaped prong on the wall plug

The white, thats 'neutral' is shown going to P7

The black, thats the hot line, is shown going to COM... thats the relay RY6 shown
on the bottom of the board.

Let me know how it goes, Phil

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