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Hi..we have a large light that plugs into the cigarette lighter

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Hi..we have a large light that plugs into the cigarette lighter for use when working on your car. My husband wants to use it in other places as well so my quiestion is: Is there an adapter that will plug into the wall and then plug the lamp with the cigarette lighter end on it into it (so it could be used in the house?) I hope this makes sense! Thanks! name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you with your electrical question. My goal is to exceed your expectations on Just Answer!


1) The cigarette lighter in an automobile works off of your battery which is 12 volts DC.


2) The only options to use the light inside the house would be to purchase rectifier or a 12 VDC power supply which converts 120 volts AC into DC voltage. You would also need a 12 volt DC plug-in adapter which can be purchased at any automotive store such as Pep Boys, Car Quest, etc. The plug-in adapter is identical to the female cigarette holder in an automobile.


Refer to the link shown below for Car Quest: This is a 12 VDC socket.


Just my personal opinion, the cost of a rectifier to convert the 120 volt AC household power into a 12 volt DC power output would not be worth the extra cost. A quality 12 VDC power supply or rectifier costs around $65 or more. Would just be more cost effective to purchase a drop light at Home Depot or Lowe's and use a CFL light bulb.


3) Another option is that you can power the 12 volt DC plug-in light using a 12 volt Deep Cycle battery that is rated in amp hours. Typically, these batteries cost around $85 or more. You could install a small 15 watt Solar Panel at your house and connect the solar panel to the 12 volt DC Deep Cycle battery. The solar panel will maintain a charge on the battery and you can then use the plug-in light. A 15 watt solar panel costs around $100, plus you would need a mounting bracket or a 4" x 4" treated wooden post to mount the panel if you didn't want to install it on the roof of the house.


4) However, both options above are useful during a commercial power outage.





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