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Tommy Tesla
Tommy Tesla, Electrical Technician
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I need your help evaluating the cost of a repair at our home..

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I need your help evaluating the cost of a repair at our home.. we experienced a power surge about three weeks back and impacted our entire home...lights were dim then abnormally bright...the oven went on by itself...bulbs popped etc...we called a BBB A+ rated licenced electrician in our state...his approach was first to replace the electric panel box which upon testing was not functioning properly...after replacing the box there were four of forty circuits in the house which did not test properly that required an electrician to locate several malfunctioning wires/fixtures/outlets....once that was completed the power in the house was still inconsistent, with lights getting bright/dim depending on what appliances were on/off...the final step was to replace the underground service from the street to our electric meter...a distance of about 70 feet...the price of the above work was $2500 for the panel box, $3000 for the inside work, $6000 for the outside question is simple is this reasonable...thanks
Hello. Thank you for choosing Just Answer! My name isXXXXX am here to help you with all your electrical needs. Yes, this sounds like a fair and reasonable price.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, i needed a sanity check on the electricians bill...the insurance company seems uncomfortable with the claim and is hiring yet another electrician to verify the extent of damage and the work required to repair it...i understand that you don't know the particulars of this event...but you've given me enough assurance that i'll be better equipped to defend the claim...thanks again...bernie

No problem. The insurance companies pull these stunts all the time. When your in business you have to stand by your price. Sometimes other companies come in low priced and you look like a crook because you we're higher. Those companies coming to check the work were not actually in the trenches doing the work. So it is hard to believe them. A reputable company always gives a fair price because they want a referral.
Tommy Tesla and other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you