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A exhaust fan in my bathroom does not work, not sure if it

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An exhaust fan in my bathroom does not work, not sure if it is due to issue from the switch or the fan inside the ceiling cover (pic 1). How to fix it? Also any suggestion about dealing with the loosening string on the garage door opener (see 2nd pic).

Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

1. On the fan in the bath.
First, you need a voltage tester in order to determine the problem without guessing.
You would pull on the fan cover downward, which it will slide on the captive clips until they stop.
Then squeeze the clips and remove the cover.
The fan motor will plug into a receptacle in the housing. Unplug the motor and test
the receptacle for 120 volts with the switch ON>

You could use a small lamp for this if no tester is available.

If power is present, the fan motor needs replacing.
If no power, then need to remove the switch cover plate and test the switch.

The switch has 2 brass screws on the sides. Take a tester and put one lead to one screw and the other lead to a ground wire in the box.
Do the same for the 2nd screw.
With the switch ON, you should read 120 volts on each screw.
If not, replace the switch.

They sell replacement motors for many brands of fans, so the key is the Make and Model number to get one which is printed on the inside housing.
Wall switch is standard at any supply store.

2. On the garage, if that is the wire going to the photo eyes at the bottom of the door, just coil it up any way possible and tack it to the wall or ceiling.
Do not break or tear the wire as you are positioning it and fastening.

If it isn't a wire, let me know, as it isn't clear what it is in the picture, but looks like wires to me.
They will not electrocute or anything, it is a signal based wire and cannot hurt you in any manner.

Just reply for any other info.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, thanks for the good advice for the fan. Do I need to turn off the breaker switch before touching anything. As for the garage door, the loose string is not electrical wire, it is used to pull up/drop down the door. There is one string on each side of the door, they rewind/unwind on the top rod to move the door.

On the switch, I would turn off the breaker, then remove the switch from the wall, then do the testing.

After testing, turn off the breaker, fasten back to the wall, then turn breaker back on.

That will eliminate any chances of touching the screws or shorting while you push it back into the box.

It may be the fan and you wont need to check the switch.
Preference is a bad switch, only a $1 item.

On the garage door, that would be a question for Home Improvement.

Sounds like it has spring load drum that winds the cord back up?
Would that sound correct?
Apparently the spring has broken and why it will not wind up.

Does it look replaceable? Maybe I can find one online.

Without seeing the drum, I really cannot be sure at this point.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'll ask homeimprovement about the garage door. Can you find a website to show me a picture of the switch and fan/cover.

I uploaded a one of my pictures of testing a switch


I am not sure what you need on the fan?

CLICK HERE and its a video on removing the cover and accessing the fan

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