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cllishof, Electrical Technician
Category: Electrical
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Experience:  Any electrical question from residential to commercial
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I just installed the jasco z wave 45609 on/off switch. the

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I just installed the jasco z wave 45609 on/off switch. the blue light comes on but the lights won't come on.

cllishof : I believe this switch requires a neutral at the switch. What wires do you have at the switch nd what color are they?

All the wires are black.

cllishof : Unfortunately you have a line wire a lad wire but no neutral. This switch requires a neutral
cllishof : Load wire

so I have 3 wires and a ground. None of them are neutral? I'm installing this for a single light switch.

cllishof : Hmmm
cllishof : It needs a neutral for single pole location. Was this switch a 3 way location originally?

If you mean, did the original switch tie to another switch, the answer is no. (still trying to learn electrical terms)


I had a Lutron MAW-600 dimmer on this switch and it worked perfectly.

cllishof : So originally it was just switched from that location 3 way is a light switched from multiple locations
cllishof : How did you have dimmer hooked up?

one location

cllishof : Are there white wires tucked in the back of box

hold on, let me run and check


there are 3 white wires tied together in the back of the box.

cllishof : That s your neutral
cllishof : Ok let e look at diagram
cllishof : So on back of your switch it says line load traveler and neutral and ground is that correct


cllishof : Ok so you need to pigtail the neutral this is done by taking a 8 inch piece of white wire and tie it with the three white wires does that make sense? Turn power off while doing this

So add an additional wire to the 3 that are tied together to tie into the neutral?


an 8 inch wire?

cllishof : Yes that wire will go to neutral on switch
cllishof : Yes just a small piece that will carry neutral to switch

and how do I determine which of the 3 black wires I use for load and the other one?

cllishof : Traveler on the ack of switch is not used
cllishof : Back


cllishof : Ok do you have any kind of tester?

I do, but I'm embarrassed to say I don't know how to use it!

cllishof : What does it look like

iDeal 61-312 (model number)

cllishof : When you took dimmer of there was two wires put to one side of dimmer and one wire put to the other do you remember which was the one wire?

I do



cllishof : Nice! Does this just control one light?

one switch controls 7 lights in the kitchen ceiling.



cllishof : So the one that was tied to the one side of dimmer should be load the other two that was tied to other side of dimmer should be line
cllishof : Does that make sense



so I need to go to Lowe's or Home Depot to get this wire, correct? I can't use any wire, correct?

cllishof : Make sure you turn power off and hook it up that way and tell me if that works

without the 8 inch wire?


I tried that and it didn't work.


the blue light didn't even come on

cllishof : Any small piece the wire should be 12 awg it's probably 14 awg but lets use 12 to be safe you just need a small piece you gonna buy it at lowes?

I guess. It's closer to me.

cllishof : Where did yo get wire to pigtail neutral?

I didn't

cllishof : It has to have a neutral to work

I just used one of the 3 wires.


I hope I'm not confusing you.

cllishof : So you took those three wires apart and used one?
cllishof : Those three wires must remain together adding one for the switch

no...I hooked 2 black wires together and on the load and one on the line. none on the neutral.

cllishof : Ok it won't work with out neutral
cllishof : Switch that the 2 wires go to line the one to load

then I used one on the neutral, one on load and one on line. the blue light came on, the switch would go on and off., but the kitchen lights would not come on

cllishof : 2 wires to line the one to load pigtail neutral to neutral



so I need really need that neutral



cllishof : Neutral is needed



I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the wire because lowes will be closed by the time I get there.

cllishof : Then put it together and we will see if we have the line load correct

okay, can I give you an update tomorrow once I get the wire?

cllishof : Perfect I will switch this to q and a don't rate me and you can still ask questions! Ill be around
cllishof : Yes sir

cool. this is my first time using this.

cllishof and 2 other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
Now were in q. And a you can still ask me questions does that make sense?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It worked! I went to Home Depot and got a 1 foot piece of 12 awg for $0.32. Thanks for all your help!

You gotta like it when your only .32 cents away from making it work! Good job thanks for using just answer! Chris
Hw did that work with a neutral?