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I need an electrical plan for wiring a new shed. The cabling

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I need an electrical plan for wiring a new shed. The cabling was already in place because it used to go to the old shed. The electrical plan I want is this:

I would like one exterior receptacle (power comes in through here), two interior receptacles, two switches for an interior overhead light and an exterior light by the exterior door on the east side.

1. 14/2 wire from the ground attaches to an exterior GFCI receptacle in a weather proof box on the south side of the shed. From there it goes through the wall into the shed interior.

2. One interior receptacle would be placed on the south side (interior wall where the 14/2 would come in from the outside gfci).

3. Another receptacle on the west side wall. Wiring could run up from the west wall to the ceiling for the overhead light, and then it could come down the east wall for the switches / exterior light.

Let me know whatever info is needed and I can also draw a layout of the shed if this isn't clear. Thanks!
Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

See if the diagram is explaining the wiring well enough, if any clarification, just reply back.

The system is having difficulties posting pictures, so please just click the link below and when possible, I will post the same picture here.

CLICK HERE for the diagram
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Are you able to provide a bit of a written explanation for this, just so I'm clear? Thanks.

Ok, give me a few minutes to type it up and post.
Follow the diagram as you do the work with the write up, should explain it easier when looking at the diagram.

Power enters the GFCI box on the outside.
Black connects to the brass LINE terminal
White connects to the silver LINE terminal
Ground to ground

Cable leaves the box and goes to the first receptacle inside
At the GFCI end, the black connects to the brass LOAD terminal
and the white to the silver LOAD terminal.

At the other end, the black connects to a brass screw and the white to a silver screw.

Cable from this receptacle to the light connects the same way.

At the light, you will have power in, power out and switch drop cable

All 3 blacks connect to each other by wire nut.
The red in the switch cable connects to the light black wire
The whites all connect together and to the light fixture white
Grounds all connect together and to the light.

At the last receptacle, same as the first inside, black to brass and white to silver.

At the switch box you have the cable from the inside light and a cable to the outside light.
The black wire in the cable from the inside light has to connect to BOTH switches on one screw
We usually make short "pigtails around 6" long" and connect them to the one black so you now have 2 blacks.
The red wire from the inside light connects to one switch on the other screw
The black wire in the cable to the outside light connects to the other screw on the 2nd switch
All the whites join together under a wire nut
All grounds connect with 2 jumper wire, one to each switch.

At the outside light, it is color to color, black to black and white to white.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much!

You are very welcome
Glad to assist

No need to reply to this post.