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AssuredElectrical, Master Electrician
Category: Electrical
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i have a cutler hammer ch7cc breaker box those r the only

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i have a cutler hammer ch7cc breaker box those r the only numbers i can find, my question is does a ch260 circuit breaker 2 pole 60 amp fit in this box??

AssuredElectrical :

Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Customer: Ok ty
AssuredElectrical :

The number is XXXXX the actual cover, is there not any more writing on the label?

Customer: No there isnt
AssuredElectrical :

Is the directory still on the door label?

AssuredElectrical :

Can you get a flashlight and read the fron of any of the other breakers?

Customer: It says cutler hammer saftey breaker load center there are 24 slots
AssuredElectrical :

front of, sorry

AssuredElectrical :

There are 2 styles of cutler hammer, so look at the breakers and see if the have black or gray handles

AssuredElectrical :

gray or beige, some call them either way

Customer: Beige
AssuredElectrical :

all of them?

Customer: Yes
AssuredElectrical :


AssuredElectrical :


AssuredElectrical :

Ok, yours uses the CH breakers

AssuredElectrical :

If it was a black handle they would be BR series

AssuredElectrical :

So, the CH260 will plug into the panel

Customer: So is that breaker compatable with that box?
AssuredElectrical :

Yes, the CH260 is compatible

Customer: It is beige as well
AssuredElectrical :


Customer: Ty very much thats all i needed ur awsome
AssuredElectrical :

you are very welcome, glad to assist

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