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i have a 42" round fan that has high and low it dosnt work

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i have a 42" round fan that has high and low it dosnt work on low and only works for 2 minutes on high when on high after 2min it stops like something is binding so i turn switch off turn by hand and ity turns easly its has to be motor is there anyway to fix motor or rewire ??? the specs on motor are 1/2 - 1/6 hp type S rpm 1725-1140 sf 1.0 v 115 ph1 thermally protected type a its a O.A. SMITH AC MOTOR
Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Is this on whole house ventilation fan? Or a large stand type fan?

Look on the motor and find a location on the label that has FR or Frame and get the number.
Also, if you can find the Model number, it would help as well.

What type of switch is it using? In line or a wall switch if fan is permanently mounted?

Will the fan restart after you shut it off, or is there a time period of waiting?
Thanks. Know it is several questions, but it helps to determine the problem and possibly remedy.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

fan will start next day its a 45" round shop fan FR 56z code k theres a s# XXXXX ser 2a05 theres a number just by its self its 105100

Thanks for the information.

From the setup, the motor is faulting out on the high side, probably by the internal heat safety limit which keeps it from burning up or open winding .
The low side is dead, so the motor definitely has seen its life and needs replacing.

I would do one check first, open the wiring compartment (power off) and verify there are no loose connections.
Since it is out on low speed, if the connections are good, the internal windings are shot.
Not shorted to trip the power breaker, but probably open inside on the windings.

The high speed is shutting down, so if no loose connection there, the windings are causing overheat or open as well.

Rebuilding would cost much more than a new one because the problem is inside the windings.

CLICK HERE for a replacement motor

Please, just reply for any clarification or other information.

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