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Im frustrated! Im at the final stages of installing a hot

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I'm frustrated! I'm at the final stages of installing a hot tub. I had to fix some plumbing issues with the tub, so the electrical connections were completed prior to being able to test it with the hot tub.

Here's what I've got:

In the basement service panel, I have a 50-amp GFCI breaker (couldn't find a part number).

Mounted to the exterior of the house, I have a 60-amp Cutler Hammer DPU222R disconnect.

From the breaker to the disconnect is a 4-wire 6-gauge shielded cable (red, black, white, and bare copper ground). The white, red and black are connected to the breaker. The white molded pigtail is connected to the grounding block in the panel. The bare copper is also connected to the grounding block in the panel.

At the disconnect, the black and red wires go into a line connection block and the whites into a connection block. The bare copper ground is wire nutted together.

When all wires are connected, the breaker trips immediately. The breaker trips when the disconnect is also removed. The breaker trips when the red and black wires are disconnected. The only time the breaker does not trip is when the white wire from the 4-wire is disconnected.

I'm at a loss and so is the electrician that I purchased the supplies from. His last suggestion was to wire nut the white wires at the disconnect and connect the bare copper grounds to the block in the disconnect box.

Suggestions?? Take your time. I need to run to an appointment. I'll be back in about an hour.


Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Sounds like all the wiring is in place, so lets look at where they connect at the disconnect. and tub.

You have 4 wires from the disconnect to the tub also, correct?

2. Look at the small block in the disconnect that you connected the whites to, I do believe that is the ground block. Your other electrician is in the right direction it sounds.

Wire nut the 2 whites together inside the disconnect so the white goes directly to the tub from the breaker with no connections between.

Take the ground wires from the panel to the disconnect and to the tub, connect them to the small ground block in the disconnect.

Make sure all connections are tight at all locations including the tub.

See if that doe snot take care of the issue.
GFCI's are very sensitive.

Just hit reply after the connection changes and post results, but that should get it going.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That was the issue! Thanks for confirming my other guy's suggestion. I will continue to seek answer from


You guys are the BEST!