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cllishof, Electrical Technician
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I am hooking up 3 - 6633 dimmers (to be used single pole or

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I am hooking up 3 - 6633 dimmers (to be used single pole or 3-way, I am using them single pole) in the same ganged box and using the same power source but 3 seperate lights. I have marred all the whites together and all of the grounds together. The middle switch continues to have power through the line even when shut off. What did I do wrong?

cllishof : It appears you have a wire labeled wrong. You have a switch legged tied into the hot.
cllishof : Do you have 3 switch legs in box? How many line wires in box?
Customer: All of the blacks are going to the black, the whites to the white and grounds together. The other ones are fine but teh middle one
Customer: One line wire, three lines from the lights
cllishof : I'm looking up dimmer now hold on
Customer: OK
cllishof : The switch appears to be for a 3 way application. How many wires come of the switch and what colors
Customer: It is for single pole or dimmer. There is 2 reds, one with a label on it for 3-way, which I am not using
cllishof : So there are two reds one red not using and a black
Customer: Yes, of course a green also.
cllishof : Ok so you hooked power to black and switch leg to red
Customer: Yes, on all of them.
cllishof : And two of them work
Customer: Yes
cllishof : try switching the working one and bad one it could be a bad dimmer
cllishof : Turn power off first
Customer: I switched out the dimmers already for a new one
cllishof : So if you remove middle dimmer does light stay on
Customer: If I remove the middle dimmer then there will not be power to it
cllishof : Are you sure? Try removing dimmer and let's start from beginning
Customer: That is downstairs and it will take awhile. Can I get back on here after?
cllishof : Of course just click on this question and it will alert me. What sounds like may have happened is the hot and switch leg may have been reversed
cllishof : Or Somehow that switch leg is making contact with hot before the switch like it may have been tied into with the hot
Customer: it is taken off and there is still power to the light
cllishof : Ok so the switch leg got tied into hot does that make sense? You will need to disconnect the switch leg from hot
Customer: So switch the red and black wires around?
cllishof : No so the switch is disconnected and the light is on is this correct?
Customer: The switch is disconnected and the power is still going to the linee for the light
cllishof : So the problem is in box take the power out and how many wires are tied together? Take thos wires apart does this disconnect power to light?
Customer: will try
cllishof : Ok I'll be here
cllishof : So probably what you thought was a switch leg was powers something else up
Customer: All of them are disconnected and there is no power to the light line.
cllishof : Perfect so what you thought was a switch leg was not that ties in with power now you need to figure out which one that was tied in was actually switch leg
cllishof : Does that make sense?
Customer: If not a switch leg then why was the power there?
cllishof : There was power to the light because you had the switch leg tied directly into power. What you thought was a switch leg probably powered something else up and you were switching that power so tie it in with power
cllishof : Do you have a tester
Customer: Yes
cllishof : So there should be one hot wire in your switch locate that
cllishof : Once you identify power you should be able to figure out which one is center switch leg by touching wires to known hot once light goes on you know that is switch leg
cllishof : Does that make sense?
Customer: I have unhooked everything and rehooked and it is still happening.
cllishof : Ok you have the switch leg tied into the hot
cllishof : if you took it apart and hooked up same way it will not solve problem
cllishof : howproblem how many hots are tied together total?
Customer: 3 to the hot
cllishof : One from each switch and the hot wire?
Customer: Yes
cllishof : And there is only one hot are you sure there is not two hots that those three wires from switch go to
Customer: Yep, tried them all! I know I am totally baffled also. I will keep trying or see if I can get an electrician within the next millenium!! Thanks for your help!!!!
cllishof : Ok
cllishof and other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you