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cllishof, Electrical Technician
Category: Electrical
Satisfied Customers: 29
Experience:  Any electrical question from residential to commercial
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I have a 15A breaker that continues to flip, the issue has

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I have a 15A breaker that continues to flip, the issue has happened out of no where. No previous issues. I've tried replacing the breaker with a new one, but same problem. I can not keep it on.

cllishof : What is breaker controlling
cllishof : Have you plugged anything in to that circuit that's new?
cllishof : Have you done any construction lately?
cllishof : Have you hung any pictures storage shelves on walls? I'm wondering if you may have accidentally put nail or screw thru wire
cllishof : How old is house? Is breaker an arc fault breaker?
cllishof : Sorry so many questions
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

it's controlling our family room, and half bath

JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

nothing new into that circuit

JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

no construction

JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

THe house was built in roughly 78, I'm sorry I do not know what an arc fault breaker is

cllishof : 1978 it's not arc fault
cllishof : Try unplugging everything that's on that circuit turn all the lights off that are on that circuit turn breaker on and slowly turn lights on seeing if it trips when certain lights are on do same thing with things by plugging them back in. Does that make sense
cllishof : We are trying to isolate the reason why all of sudden it started tripping Have you changed light bulbs recently
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

I tried this and couldn't even get it to reset while everything was off....

cllishof : So it won't even go back on at all
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

After trying to reset it a few times, there was a small pop of elec behind the breaker

JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

That happened with the old breaker as well as the new one I put in

JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

Faulty wire?

cllishof : It's def faulty wire some where do you have a meter that will test for continuity?
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

No I don't...I figured before i start calling guys to come out to the house...I'd "think" out the problem with you guys...

JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

Probably the next step then right?

cllishof : Lets not jump there yet electricians are expensive! How comfortable are you taking outlets apart and switches?
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

If the powers off I'll take em off like a pro! :)

cllishof : Well we have no problem with turning power off!
cllishof : How many outlets and switches roughly are on circuit
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

Probably 4-6 outlets

JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

3 switches one is gfi I beleive in the bathroom

cllishof : Ok do me a favor turn off all switches make sure all are off and try to reset breaker it will probably trip but want to make sure problem is not in lights
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

I'm not at the house at this time, would we be able to schedule a time to resume? Or is this system not cabaple of that? ?

cllishof : It is I will put this into question and answer when you get home message me
cllishof : I'll go over what our plan is
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

Great thanks

cllishof : Turn off all switches try breaker if it doesn't trip start turning lights on until it does if it does trip
cllishof : We will take an outlets apart separating the wires turn breaker on if it stays on we know the problem is in one of the outlets that does not work basically we are trying to run down the fault it could be as easy as a ground wire touching a hot wire in an outlet or a switch does this make sense?
cllishof : You gonna try to get to this today? If so roughly what time I will keep eye out for ya?
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

It probably won't be tonight...I'm going to be a pain in the ass I'm sure...maybe Friday around 7...would that work or Sat afternoon?

JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

I understand what your outlining as the way to identify the issue...I know it'll time consuming so I want to make sure I have time to block off and go through it. If your willing to take the time, it doesn't have to be right away

cllishof : No worries not a pain at all. Did what I say make sense. Either one will work however Friday my wife might be making me take her out to dinner!
cllishof : Just message me ill be around. Have a great rest of week look forward to making this happen!
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

Understood, priorities priorities I get it....I'll set the time aside Sat afternoon, I'll plan on 1. Do I just come back in to the site and search for your handle?

cllishof : No you will go to your questions and this question will be open then just ask a question and it will notify me make sure you leave this question open do not rate me at this time or give positive feedback that will close question we don't want that
JACUSTOMER-jxuxg6wy- :

ok thanks

cllishof : I'm opting out now go to question list and you will see it
Now we in question and answer make sense?
I will be home all night tonight. Hit me up if You feel like fixing that electrical. Chris
Have you been able to fix tripping breaker?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Man I totally failed...Saturday got away from me in a hurry. ..I had no
shot. I'm really sorry, hope I didn't waste your time.

Not wasting my time at all just wanted to make sure I did not drop the ball! Chris
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