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Hi there, Im stuck with an electrical problem. Let me try

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Hi there, I'm stuck with an electrical problem. Let me try to explain.
One of my circuits (outdoor power outlet + outdoor lights) is out due to a heavy machine we were trying to use. We live in an old house (1940) and the circuit that is out is part of the original wiring I think. Later on two extensions (1990 and 2008) were built with new electrical circuits.
I checked all breaker boxes (one outside and two inside the house) and everything looks fine. I also used a meter to check each individual breaker and all breakers appear to function well. I also checked each GFCI outlet inside and outside the house and everything works fine. I have looked everywhere but can't find any other GFCI outlets or breaker boxes in the house. Should I keep looking for a hidden box of GFCI, or can there be another reason for the circuit failure?
Hi, I'm Mike and I'll be glad to assist you. Common problem. If you have voltage on the hot wire and the breaker is operational, you more than likely have an open neutral. It is a connection on a white wire that has come loose or burned off. The old house wiring if as usual having taped joints, often fails in those connections. If you sqeez the joint with a pair of linemen pliers, they will connect and you can then repair the joint with a wirenut.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Mike, thanks for your response. Any suggestion where I should go look first? In the power outlet that caused the failure when we hooked up the machine, or should I start elsewhere?


Is there voltage on the hot wire? If there is turn the breake off to see if any live outlet stops working. That would be the place to start checking for the proble. Below is a suggestion I've given people over the years. It would help in locatating the problem.


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