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Put up a ceiling fan. Have put up many in the past with no

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Put up a ceiling fan. Have put up many in the past with no problem. When I flipped on the wall switch the ceiling fan wiring sparked and the breaker went off. Looked at my wiring against the manual and is ok. White wire to white, green to green, black to black and blue together. This flipped a breaker. The breaker light is on and when I try to flip the breaker to off and then on, the breaker will not push all the way to off so I can push it all the way to on again. The question then is if I flip off the whole house main breaker, will the breaker in question be able to flip to off and then on again?
Welcome, my name is ***** ***** would be glad to assist.
It sounds like you have either a GFCI or AFCI breaker.
Please read the door label and get the panel Make.
Then the breaker, what color of button does it have for testing?
Turning off the main will not provide any help to reset the breaker, so lets see if we can find the problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok, thank you. I am at work so it will be this afternoon before I can respond back from my home.
Thanks, ***** ***** fine. All is at your convenience.
Will await your reply.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I was getting your requested info and noticed the breaker in question was labeled GFI so I went to the GFI wall set/reset switch and pressed reset and went back to the breaker and the breaker worked! Now I will go through each wire in the ceiling fan and see if I can find out what caused the breaker to malfunction.
Ok, some progress, thats a good sign.
You posted only 3 wires at the fan, and your wiring certainly seems correct by the description.
On ceiling fans, have to be careful "pinching" the wires up in the box area and keep them from being pinched when fastening the fan up.
Have had that happen on occasion.
Post when you check out once more
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your response. After redoing the ceiling fan connections, I turned the wall switch again and again same problem. So I took the fan off and looked at the wiring from the attic into the junction box. Lo and behold the previous owners had connected a green wire extension to the black wire in the junction box so what I thought was the green ground wire and was green, was actually the black wire from the attic into the junction box. Case solved and ceiling fan working great. I will be more careful when I replace the 2 other ceiling fans. This sure was frustrating trying to find the problem but thankful its done!
Glad to hear you found the issue.
I have been in similar situations myself, and usually going back over everything and double checking, can certainly help and many times find the issue.
If the green wire is used as a hot wire, would suggest to get that changed as soon as possible to avoid any further issues. Green colors are required to be only for grounding.
Good work.
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