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I want to run directly from a Coop provided meter/disconnect

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I want to run directly from a Coop provided meter/disconnect switch to an 50/30/20 RV pedestal 500' away.

My plan is to run 4/0, 4/0, 2/0 triplex direct bury aluminum and have a grounding rod at the RV Pedestal. This will not be a SubPanel. I expect that the gauge of wire should give me at least some extra capacity. I'll know better how much once I read voltages with a load

Is this a safe installation plan?
Will I need to separate the nuetral bar and the equipment grounding conductor bar?
Or, does safety require a 4th conductor?

I don't think the CoOp cares one way or the other I have already put in one 50/30/20 RV pedestal about 20' from the Meter/Disconnect. I got the ok from one of their engineers, but they never inspected it. I think because they consider it temporary.

Any other advice much appreciated!
Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Wish to be sure of the installation.

There is a disconnect at the meter? Like a combo type unit?

Is this run for 240 volts or 120 volts to the RV pedestal?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, disconnect at the meter, on the pole. It is a Combo type unit ( if I understand what you are asking specificaly.) The meter portion and the Switch portion are butted up against each other. The switch is below the Meter, no conduit (or any space for that matter) between the two.


The disconnect switch box does have lugs for 2 services. One of which I already have in use to a 50/30/20 RV pedestal which I installed. The one I installed is working fine. The GFI's and a hard wired surge protector's ground fault detector work as they should. So, I've done something like this before, just not so far away.


Running 240v to the RV pedestal(s).

The pedestals have preinstalled

1 - 50a 240v breaker

1 - 30a 120v breaker

1 - 20a 120v breaker

1 - empty 120v slot


I measured the Voltage nuetral to hot to be 124v but I didn't think to to measure hot to hot the last time I was there. The Transformer come straight down to my meter and there is no other service off the transformer. They installed the transformer for me at my request last year.

Thanks for the information.

The disconnect at the meter is the main in this situation.

The first stop from the meter is the the main power disconnect per code.

Anything after that, is considered a sub panel.

In your case it is a pedestal, but still a sub panel and it provides power to the receptacles through the breakers in the pedestal.

You are required to run 4 wires from a main to any sub.

There should be a ground rod at the meter/disconnect and a ground lug already for connection of the ground wire to the pedestal.
You will also need another rod at the pedestal location to connect to the ground bar along with the ground wire from the main disconnect.

So, you need 4 wires.
3- 4/0 cables and one #2 for ground

Table 250.66 has #2 for ground with use of 4/0 power cables

For pedestals on RV's, the neutral is sized the same as the power conductors. There is no reduction unless permanently connected as shown below:

551.72 Distribution System
Receptacles rated at 50 amperes shall be supplied from a
branch circuit of the voltage class and rating of the receptacle.
Other recreational vehicle sites with 125-volt, 20- and
30-ampere receptacles shall be permitted to be derived from
any grounded distribution system that supplies 120-volt single-
phase power. The neutral conductors shall not be reduced
in size below the size of the ungrounded conductors
for the site distribution.
The neutral conductors shall be permitted
to be reduced in size below the minimum required
size of the ungrounded conductors for 240-volt, line-to-line,
permanently connected loads only.

Just reply for any other info or clarifications.

The 4/0 is a good match for this setup.

At the distance, it can carry 75 amps if needed.

You could lower to 2/0 cable if only want the 50 amps and no room in the future.



Here is a diagram I found in my file for assistance on services , it is of standard service with the meter and disconnect feeding a panel.

Yours is identical with the exception of, your pedestal is not at the same structure of the meter/disconnect, so it requires the separate ground rod and connection.

On a home, the panel is normally in the same structure.


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