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I am in the process of getting service to an existing pole

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I am in the process of getting service to an existing pole at my deer lease. From this pole i would like to run power underground to my campsite 1250' away. I would like a 125 amp sub panel at the campsite. What size aluminum wire would i need to run. I do not need any 220 at the campsite sub panel.
Hello. Thank you for choosing Just Answer! My name isXXXXX am here to help you with all your electrical much equipment will you actually be using? You still will need 220 there.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We just need 125 amp panel. I am a contractor and have done all of the load calc's. Equipment will just be basic radio, lights fridge. We can just work around the limits of the 125 amp service.

1000mcm cable.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How many runs of 1000 mcm cable? i assume 2. What is the smallest ground wire we can run?

Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Running only 120 volts greatly drops the voltage and increases the wire size needed dramatically.

Running 240 volts allows much more flexibility, as you can use both sides of the power for all the 120 volt items.
With 240 volts, does not mean you are required to have 240 volt equipment, it just gives much less voltage drop because you can use each of the 120 volt lines at half the amperage and equal the single 120 volt line.

The 1250 feet is an extremely long run for 125 amps.
Can you go with the 240 volt option?

Voltage drop must be 3% or less to provide the proper voltage to operate anything.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, 240 volt will be fine. Just looking for the most cost effective way to run a 125 amp panel to the campsite. this is a leased property, so any dollars i put into this wire will eventually be a loss. contemplating buying a couple of honda 5.5 kw generators as an alternative. generators are just more of a hassle and make noise that i don't like when trying to relax out in the country.

Ok, thanks.

If you run the 120 volt, you will need the 2- 1000mcm and a #4 for the ground wire

If you run the 240 volts, run 2- 750mcm, 1- 500mcm and a #4 for the ground.

Based on 125 amp load on both.

At 240 volts, split the load between the 2 phase. Do not load up only one phase, other wise you need to run a 750 mcm for the neutral as well if you feel there may not be equal loading.
AssuredElectrical, Master Electrician
Category: Electrical
Satisfied Customers: 4241
Experience: Contractor-42+ Years in the ElectricalTrade
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Thanks for the rating, it is appreciated.

I wanted to post, as I just saw where I had a typo.

Typo on the ground, so sorry for that.

It should read #4/0 not #4.

Again, my apologies as I usually re-read before posting.