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TAKPOWER, Licensed Electrician
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Why has the Allen Roth remote control stopped working?

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I have fairly new Allen + Roth ceiling fan with a remote control. Recently the remote control stopped controlling the lights and the fan.

The battery has been replaced and the LED comes on. The fuses are okay and the wall switch is on. Any ideas?

Hi. My name is***** will be glad to assist you with your questions.

JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : Hi Tim. Any ideas what might be wrong?
TAKPOWER : It could be a couple things.Either the connection has come loose in the top of ceiling canopy,or the dip sticks code might of got changed when installing battery.
JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : I see the dip stick codes are all to "on"
TAKPOWER : Are they numbered?
JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : I haven't touched the fan itself so I'm guessing its the code. Yes they are numbered one to four.
TAKPOWER : Are they all up or down?
JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : All up toward where it says "ON" on the left side and "DIP" on the right.
TAKPOWER : The fan and light do not work at all even with wall switch?
JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : No. The remote does everything. Controls an upper and a lower light and 3-speeds of fan.
TAKPOWER : But there is a wall switch that stay on all the time?
JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : Yes. It's on.
TAKPOWER : It could be something in this wall switch it would be the easiest and first place i would check.Are you comfortable with checking it out?
JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : Sure. There are two switches. The left one controls the fan and the right I have no idea. But, yeah. I'm okay with it.
TAKPOWER : Ok turn off power to these switches,make sure the connection to switches are in tight and also check the whites that are bundled together and make sure one of them or more have not come loose from connection. Do you have any types of tester?
JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : I don't and I have a huge TV that partially obstructs total access and I am extremely tired. I probably wouldn't be too useful on finding it. Can I try again tomorrow with you?
TAKPOWER : That is fine I will be back on in the afternoon, I will go ahead and type up some instruction for you to try tomorrow in case I'm not on when your ready to look at it.Just leave this chat open and you can jump back in tomorrow
JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : That's great. Thanks for your help.
TAKPOWER : If your TV is blocking the switches and you can reach the ceiling fan connections at the ceiling i would try there first.Turn off power and check the connections at ceiling,pull on all connections under wirenuts and see if any come out.If none come out you still need to undo the connections and redo just to make sure everything is tight and making good contact with each other.after doing this restore power and turn switch on and check.If your fan has a receiver in the canopy where the wires connect from ceiling to fan,make sure the dip SWITCHES match the combination on remote.if all of this checks out then check behind switches.Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.
JACUSTOMER-pmd2s0t2- : Getting ready to start your suggestions. I'll let you know what happens. I give up. I think this is beyond my ability and patience. High ceilings and a low ladder don't help nor does 20+ wires stuffed into a small opening. I rent this room and my landlord is now up to bat.
Thanks for your help though.
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