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How do I wire a 2 wire 230v submersible well pump?

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How do I wire a 2 wire 230v submersible well pump?

Hotwire2012 :

Hello My name isXXXXX will be glad to assist you

Hotwire2012 :

On a 240v circuit there is no neutral, only 2 hot conductors and a ground

Hotwire2012 :

what is your distance from your panel to your pressure switch?

Hotwire2012 :

I also would like to know how many amps, this information should be located on the pump on the data plate

It showed me that you were in chat, maybe some trouble with chat it happens from time to time, I will continue based on typical installation, if you have questions please ask, I will send a link so you may choose the correct size wire based on distance from panel to pump, also include depth of pump in distance, simply enter the information, and it will narrow down the chart, I would personally use 12 gauge wire minimum, you may install larger pump in future, the cable must be direct burial cable/uf cable

Ok so the first thing you will need to know after sizing the wire, is breaker size if you choose 12gauge wire you will use a 20 amp 2 pole gfci breaker, if you choose 10gauge wire you will use 30 amp 2 pole gfci breaker, It must be a ground fault breaker due to electrical leakage from the motor to the open water,

If your pump is within site and not over 50 feet from your breaker panel you do not have to install a disconnet, what in site means is you must be able to see the panel from the pump location with out obstructin of any kind, such as doors, walls, etc, if you do need to install a disconnet you may mount it with in site and not over 50 feet from the pump, on a treated 4x4, the wire nust be protected from damage with pvc from the ground/ditch to the disconnect, a simple pull out rain tight outdoor disconnect is all you will need here, the wire from your breaker panel will be your LINE black to one white to the other , and wire going to pressure switch will be your LOAD also black to one white to other, remember both black and white are hots on 240v circuit so it doesn;t matter which you put where, as long as line/load are correct, be sure to color the white wire with red tape at all locations, and ground the disconect, you may choose to use flexible conduit from the disconnect to the pressure switch,

The pressure switch, You will have LINE and LOAD here as well, the wire coming from the load side of your disconnect will be your LINE in the pressure switch, and the pump will be LOAD, most times in pressure switchs the middle 2 screws are line and outer are load, so the wire coming from your disconnect the black will hook on 1 line screw the white on the other, the wire coming from the pump you will have to use submersible cable not uf cable typically it is 3 strands black red and green, in the pressure switch, you will hook black to a load screw and red to the other load screw, and be sure and ground pressure switch, you may also need to use flexible conduit on this cable into the pressure switch as well

At the pump, you will have 3 leads, 2 black and 1 green, you will need to pick up a splice kit designed for a well pump your pump may have included one, you will need to slide 1 heat shrink over each wire before crimping together, do this first, then you may use the crimp sleave that come in the kid to join the wires 1 black to black, 1 red to black, and ground/green to green, you will need a crimp too for this and be sure connections are made well, once connections are made slide the heat shrink over the connector and heat with torch, be careful not to get to hot, work torch back and forth until a glue like substance froms from ends of heat shrink, repeat on remaining 2 wires, be sure to secure wiring to water pipe, with tape, or similar soft connector,


Also your ditch to in which wire is buried from house panel to pump should be 24inches deep

At your entry point to your breaker panel you may need to use conduit to protect wire here also, from ditch to panel, as a rule of thumb conduit should be straped within 12 inches of the panel and every 3 feet until it enter the ground/earth


Installing the gfci breaker, You will need 2 open spaces together vertically in your panel the gfi breaker comes with a white pigtail attached to the breaker, this will attach to your neutral bar, your black wire will go to one screw on the breaker and white will go to the other, remember to XXXXX XXXXX wire with red tape,


Also franklin pumps should not be tilted more than 15 degrees when in lake or stream, be sure to protect wire and pump from damage from boats, as well as swimmers,


Always get proper permits and have your work inspected especially in this case dealing with open water and electricity.

I hope I have answered most of your questions, If you need clarification on any thing feel free to ask


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi, sorry I missed your chat. I left the machine up and web site open but went out to run some errands. I am on an island, accessible only by boat, so it takes some time.

Distance from panel to pressure switch is about 20'; distance from pressure switch to pump is about 150'.

Motor is 6 amps.

I went to a local water systems dealer and had them spec out and supply the entire system; wire is 12/2 submersible cable and I do have the splice kits.

I have 1" pipe for conduit for cable to run from shore to pump, planning on zip tying the cable conduit to the water line, down to the pump. Pump will be secured in a PT wood cradle; was planning on 45 degree up angle but will change it to vertical.

Over the ground run from pressure switch, to disconnect, to lake shore is over very rocky ground, burying is not feasible but will protect with schedule 40. Is this acceptable?

I wasn't planning on using disconnect but since you call it out here I will add one; in hindsight this makes sense as I had to have a disconnect for my hot tub.

Am I missing anything.

Great answer by the way, thank you. I'll accept once we conclude here.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
By the way, I don't understand the circuit; with two hots but no neutral what completes the circuit? The electrons need a path to flow, so where are they going?

Thanks again.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Oh, one more thing: i was planning on running 12/2 submersible cable all the way up to the panel, is this OK?
The submersible cable would be ok, because it is rated for direct burial, I would only use it from the load side of pressure switch to the pump, I would use 12-2 uf cable/direct burial cable from house breaker panel to disconnect and from disconnect to line of pressure switch, because the submersible cable is more expensive, you should be able to save a little money by using the uf cable, but would check price of each.
Hotwire2012 and other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the follow-up. Any issue with not burying cable from house to disconnect (it's going over mostly large rock with a little dirt in between)?

all cables should be buried min of 24in deep, anything less you should consult with your local building inspector to verify if they will accept a more shallow depth. And your question about the 240v return,, it actually returns on the other wire, red returns on black and black returns on red, they come from different phases in the panel, so phase a returns on phase b.
Hotwire2012 and other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for accepting, and allowing me to assit you. Justin

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