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Hi, Im trying to install a GE Smart Digital Timer model

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I’m trying to install a GE Smart Digital Timer model 15266. My first attempt resulted in the lights pulsing on and off and I could hear a clicking sound coming from the switch.

Here are the wiring instructions from the installation guide.

1. Turn OFF the main power.
2. Remove the existing switch.
3. Connect the wires of Timer and wall box as followed by using the wire nuts provided.
a) Connect the Hot/Live wire of main power to the Black wire from Timer. b) Connect both the Neutral wires of main power and Load to the White wire from Timer.
c) Connect the Hot/Live wire of Load to the Red wire from Timer.
d) Connect the Ground wire to the Green wire from Timer.

The wiring diagram looks like the red wire and white wire from the timer are both connected to the “neutral” wire from the switch box. You can see the full instructions on line at:

Here is the wiring I have from my house.

There 3 cables coming into the box, each with one black, one white and one bare wire. (C1, C2, C3)

Two cables come into the top of the box (C1 & C2) and one comes in from the bottom (C3).

The white wires from all three cables are connected together. (W123)
The bare wires from all three cables are connected together. (G123)

One black wire, coming from Cable 1 (C1) was connected to the old switch. C1-B

The other two black wires were connected together and wired to the old switch. (C2&3-B)

Only this switch controls these lights.

My original wiring attempt, which resulted in, the pulsing was as follows:

I connected the black wire from the timer to the black wire from cable 1 (C1-B)
I connected the white and red wires from the timer to the black wires from cabels 2 and 3 (C2&3-B).
I connected the green wire from the timer to the bare ground wires (G123).
I did not connect anything to the white wires in the box (W123).

Clearly this was wrong, but I don’t know what to do to fix the problem. Can you help?

Hello Keith,
You need to splice black from timer together with 2 blacks spliced to each other in the box. The red wire from timer connect to the single black wire that was connected to the old switch. Splice white from timer together with all 3 whites. Splice green with bare wires.
That should do it. Let me know if not and we will continue.
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