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Well my new heater for the 1994 cirrus hot tub didnt fix the

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Well my new heater for the 1994 cirrus hot tub didn't fix the problem.Again when the tub runs in the heater/filter mode for about 10 minutes it kicks out the 50 amp breaker in the circuit panel of the house.Please tell me what to check next. If you remember I did disconnect the 2 wires to the heater and it ran in the heater/filter mode perfectly for 30 minutes until I figured it to be the unit and ordered a new one.Your guidance would be appreciated...Jim
If it is holding for 10 minutes, I would suggest pulling the breaker and checking the jaws and the buss for any signs of arcing. With current on a circuit the metal of the wire and other components heats up and expands. The age of the breaker and the amount of use could have fatigued the metal in the jaws and the heat from the arcing could trip the breaker, even though that is ahead of the breaker. Check it and let me know.
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