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I have 4 touch sensor lamps that I want to convert to straight switc

Resolved Question:

I have 4 "touch sensor"lamps that I want to convert to straight "switch on lamps". i.e. I want to remove their capability to be turned on with touch. Can you guide me on how to do this or refer me to a "how to" website. Thanks. Bonnie
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Rich replied 6 years ago.

Rich :

Hello .. usually the control module is located in the base of the lamp

Rich :

if you can open up the base , then you can remove the module and hard wire the lamp to the cord

Expert:  Rich replied 6 years ago.

Then if there is room you could drill the base and install a switch there ..

there are a variety available ..

or install an inline switch in the supply cord


any thoughts .. concerns ?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
Rich, I understand what you said about the module having to be removed first but don't know what wires to connect together to hardwire the wire to the lamp, as you advised. After your first response this morning, I got right back to you and described what wires were on the lamp so you could guide me with the hardwiring. Maybe you didn't get my message. Do you know of an online video that demonstrates hardwirng? I am still hoping that you can help me convert this touch lamp to a switch on/off lamp. Thanks, Bonnie
Expert:  Rich replied 6 years ago.

OK you can see above .. There is no response posted from you ... sorry

MY ANSWER IS NOT INCOMPLETE ... I was waiting for a response for a while , then could not provide any additional advice without some response from you


where the power cord comes into the lamp .. you have a two wire cable .. one wire section has a flat edge, shaved corner , or some ribbing on it .. that is the designated neutral .. the other wire is the hot


there may be a similar two wires coming from each lamp holder of the light fixture .. these will be designated in a like manner ..


all the designated neutrals get connected together .. all the lamp holder hots get connected together and attached to one side of a switch if you install one in the fixture base if you do not install a switch ion the fixture base then these hot wires would connect to the hot wire from the fixture cord ..


you can get an inline switch ,.. very easy to install .. basically just clamps over the wire


Any thoughts . concerns , issues ??

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