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How do I replace a magnetic ballast for an electronic one

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How do I replace a magnetic ballast for an electronic one? There are four tubes, two magnetic ballasts and I want to put in one electronic ballast for four lights.

Sir Sparks :

A Master Electrician here to help. I am a double qualified; USA & UK electrician. Please give me a moment to formulate a reply.

Sir Sparks :

Please describe the colors presently in your old fixture and which end they go to.

Sir Sparks :

I mean color of the wires and how many at each end.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
On the magnetic ballasts there are two yellow wires, two red wires and two blue wires on each ballast, there being two ballast for four tubes. The yellow wires go to one end of two tubes where each wire goes into a push in hole in one of the brackets which holds the tubes. Each bracket has two holes to push in wires per side. One yellow wire goes into one side the other goes into the other side. From each side of the bracket another wire goes to the bracket on the second tube. On the other side of one of the two tubes the red wire is conneceted into each of the two holes in a bracket, and on the second tube one of each wire is connected to the bracket for the second tube. This is repeated for the second magnetic ballast.

The electronic ballast has only two yellow wires, two red wires and two blue wire. There is only one ballast for four lights. I need to know how to hook up the internal wiring for the electronic ballast to control all our lights?

That is confusing and you do not need to push anything in you will just need orange wire nuts. I ONLY need to know how many wires are going to each end of the fixture and what colors. Not what is on all the existing ballasts. Please try again, I think it might be as simple as; 2 yellows one side and 2 blues plus two reds on the other side of the fixture ??


If this is the case then just connect one color matched to one color on the single new ballast and you are done. If not the case then please tell me again but ignoring old ballast wiring.


Cut the old wires near to the old ballasts and use orange wirenuts to join them all.

Edited by Sir Sparks on 11/15/2010 at 6:42 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok two yellow wires go the one end of two tubes, and one set of red and one set of blue go to the other end of the tube.

Perfect! and yuor new ballast should have exactly the same count and colors so just cut the old wires near to the old ballasts and using orange wire nuts reconnect old wires to new single ballast.


I presume you meant FOUR tubes ?

Edited by Sir Sparks on 11/15/2010 at 6:49 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes there are four tubes
Then your answer is as I wrote above.
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