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In a series circuit, the electrical quantity thats the same

Resolved Question:

In a series circuit, the electrical quantity that’s the same for all the circuit components is the
A. current. C. resistance.
B. voltage. D. power rating.
. If an industrial circuit is a 240 V circuit and has the capability of producing 200 A, the wiring will
normally consist of
A. armor-sheathed cable. C. nonmetallic cable.
B. conduits or busway. D. rubber-insulated aluminum.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
The current would be the same for all points in a series circuit. All the current must flow through all of the resistances (which can vary), because it is connected in "series". Voltage will drop from point a to point b, but the current will remain the same.

Conduits and busways will always be involved in a 240V 200A industrial circuit. We certainly wouldn't use NM cable, and rubber-insulated aluminum is just one type of wire. The use of conduits and busways would be the "norm" here.

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