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replacing a ceiling fan. I have a red wire , white wire and

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replacing a ceiling fan. I have a red wire , white wire and black wire. I know black is the neutal or power and white is the other side of the circuit. So what does the red do and where do i connect it to? There is a wall switch with fan power switch and a second switch for the light.
Hi, I'm Mike and I'll be glad to assist you. Is this fan to be installed on an existing opening? If so, what was there before and how many wires are in the box and what color are they?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Mike it replaces an existing fan that died. Three circuit wires are in the box Black, Red and White. The fan has a black, white and blue (light kit) When I disconnected the old fan I forgot to mark down what was connected to what.
OK, not a problem.

Connect the wires as follows;
  • Black to Black (fan)
  • White to White (common)
  • Red to Blue (light)
If one your switches should be a dimmer and it now controls the fan and not the light reverse the black and red wires.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Tried that got power to the light but not the fan. Iam going to recech the wire nut connection on the black to black.


Try the pull chain too.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
redid the wire and it works fine.

Tip: stranded wire should always be longer than solid wire when being connected by a wire nut. Factory strips on fixture wires are always short, re-strip before connecting.
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