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How much does it generally cost to install a new breaker box

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How much does it generally cost to install a new breaker box at a house that already has the meter and wiring to the house? This would be a second box due to increased ampage needs. There is sufficient room to run the wires and the electrical company is running the wire to the meter. I'm trying to get a general idea before I ask anyone to come out to do an estimate, since I have heard that it may cost more than I am willing to pay. Thank you.
Hello .. how much work are you asking about? just mounting the box and installing the breaker in the main panel? or are there new circuits to be estimated also?

Edited by Rich on 4/5/2010 at 1:54 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It 's installing the box and the breakers and
running wire down to the area where the devices
will be installed. We needed to add an extra box because we
only had 200 amps to the house. We are putting
in a second kitchen and my understanding is that we would
need more ampage than we currently has. The existing breaker box
is out of space so we needed a new box and breakers to run the wire assuming we can
afford it. Thanks

OK .. well first a couple things about your project .. adding more spaces will not add any more amperage capacity, it just adds more spaces. You will still have only 200 amps to your house.

Why do you say the electric company is running more wires to the meter .. are you also having the main service upgraded??

How many runs are there to be made from this new panel?

How far is it from the new panel to the area where the circuits will be used?

Are the walls open from the new panel to that area?

You may not need more amperage, what appliances do you have? electric heat, water heater, hot tub or spa, central A/C, whole house vacuum, washer, dryer, freezer, or other appliances??

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm having trouble with this site not accepting my responses....let me try again (third time in the last 20 mins). The electric company is 00running the electrical service upgrade to the house for free. I need an electrician to install another breaker box to house the breakers for all kitchen appliances. The electrician will need to connect the added service lines to the new box, install breakers in the box and then run lines through the open wall into the new kitchen. I already know I need the additional ampage because the power company told me I would need it to enable the appliances to run all the time; they checked the current usage of the appliances that we already hav e. I'm trying to understand what this work should cost before I try to find someone to do the work because it may be too expensive.
OK .. I would charge somewhere between $1800.00 and $2500.00 for this work .
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