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I am trying to wire a 240v phase 1 60 gallon air compressor

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I am trying to wire a 240v phase 1 60 gallon air compressor in my shop. I am using a 15 amp single breaker and 10/2 wire. is it wired up just like a 120v? black to hot on the compressor, white to neutral on compressor and then ground it on the compressor. then the same in the box as well. black to the breaker switch, then neutral to the neutral bar and ground to the ground bar.
What is the amperage of the compressor?
Does it come with a cord or is it direct wired?
What is your means of disconnect?
Does this compressor require a neutral or just the 2 hots?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Amperage is 15 apm
Does not come with a cord it is direct wired.
Have it wired to a metal box for code reasons then to the main box.
it doesn have much info thats why i was asking. it has line 1 with green dot on the switch box then line 2 i assume for the white and black wires. then the copper wire is left. there are two screws for grounded right under that.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
info off the compressor plate says 240v 15amp 60hz phase 1 model# XXXXX if that helps
#10 is good for up to 30 amps so you are good with wire size. You need a 2 pole breaker to get 240 volts, black and white both go to the breaker and bare to ground.
Your metal box should be some form of disconnect to comply with the code.
Bare is connected to the ground screw.
Black and white give you 240 volts so either one goes to either terminal, it doesn't matter which. They would be marked Line 1 and Line 2.
If 15 amps won't handle the load you can always install a 20 amp breaker, your wire is good for 20 or 30.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX been a huge help. Just to make sure i have it correct. I need a 15 amp dual pole breaker. 1 pole connects to white and 1 pole connects to black then the bare copper goes to ground as usual. so there is no neutral in this configuration. its really two hots and a ground? why does the single pole switch say 120/240?
You have it all correct.
The switch is rated for those voltages no matter where it is used.

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