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Sir Sparks
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i have a fluourescent puck undercabinet lighting system (120v

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i have a fluourescent puck undercabinet lighting system (120v self-ballasted fluourescent lamps with gx-53 bases) that takes max 7w bulbs. one of my five bulb units is burned out and i can't find a replacement. all five fixtures are daisy-chained together. i either purchased the fixture from lowe's or home depot - i can't remember which. the fixture says sku 899-712 and cat no. ec022wh-es. the bulb says vendor#610543 and model ee716-es. neither has the name of the manufacturer. can anyone suggest how i might find a replacement bulb? it seems like neither lowes nor home depot carries this model anymore. thanks.

Very very hard to find in the USA this appears to be the only seller.



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