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HI - the power just went out in one room of my house. I found

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HI - the power just went out in one room of my house. I found the fuse box and flipped the circuit breaker that had flipped the opposite way of the majority, but it won't stay on. I've turned all the appliances off and tried it several times with no success. Power is fine in the rest of the house.

What is the next step in fixing this problem?
HiCustomer I would unplug everything that is plugged in to the outlets on that circuit, then check the breaker again to see if it will hold. It could also be a blown light bulb that is causing the short. This is very rare, but I have seen it a couple of times in my career.

The breaker itself may have failed. You can check for this by removing the panel cover, loosening the screw on that breaker, and removing the wire from the breaker. Once the wire is disconnected from the breaker, turn the breaker on to see if it will hold. If it does, the breaker is not the problem.

If you rule out the breaker, your next step should be opening outlet boxes and light switch boxes to look for a short. A short is when the hot wire touches the neutral or bare ground wire. Look for arc marks on the bare ground wires, and on the screws on the sides of the outlets and switches.

If you see arc marks, you can wrap the bare wire with tape and make sure it gets pushed all the way to the back of the box when you reinstall that particular device. Make sure all connections are tight in any boxes you open, including your electrical panel. If you are uncomfortable working around live electricity, you should leave it to a professional electrician.

If you find any outlets or switches connected via the small push-in holes on the back, I strongly recommend redoing the connections using the side screws.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you. The power went out when I turned on the heat lamps in the bathroom. One of the two appears to be "blown" (rattles when shaken). I tried the breaker after taking the bulbs out, but the horse is already out of the barn (damage already done).


I'm uncomfortable working with live electricity, so will probably end up calling someone to look at it. The heat lamps appear to have exposed wires - old and well worn and are potentially the problem, but even if they aren't, they should be dealt with. Thank you for your information and I will call someone to work this further.

I was hoping it was a simple fix, but ? That's life!

Happy holidays!


Thank you very much for accepting my answer, I really appreciate it. I'm sorry to hear that your repair is complicated enough to call in the pros. Hopefully they can repair it quickly, which will keep your cost down. Have a blessed Christmas!

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