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I installed new hampton bay track lights. it works except the

Customer Question

I installed new hampton bay track lights. it works except the dimmer won't work
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Rich replied 7 years ago.
Hello .. can you tell me about the devices you have .//. did the lights and dimmer come as a set .. are the lights low voltage /../ or 120 volt lights .. how is the dimmer wired .. what wires are on the dimmer , what other wires are in that wall box . number and color .. Thanks .. Rich
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Did not installed it myself. BAsically I had two separate track light (3 halogen) working fine including dimming, wanted a different look (similar-3 halogen lights), bought 2 different sets of "line voltage track kit" by hampton bay, one works fine, the other one works but won't dim. The bulbs seem identical (50 watt max, included in sets). The dimmer switch is the existing one and was not replaced. Both new track lights have same description on box "44' track, 3 track heads, 1 floating power feed and 1 straight connector" uses 3 GU10 shielded bulbs 50 watt max.
Not sure about the wiring. Could it be that it's not grounded properly? Could it be that the "hot" wire and neutral wire were not connected properly?
Expert:  Rich replied 7 years ago.
OK .. so you did replace the track, and the heads .. take one of the heads that dim in track 1 and put it in track 2 and see if it dims there .. then get back to me .. Thanks .. Rich
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Good trick. The head from track that won't dim does dim in the other track...and reverse, the head that didn't dim does dim in the dimming track...Sounds like my dimming switch may be faulty but it wasn't touched during the install... or is it something else?
Expert:  Rich replied 7 years ago.
OK .. well you have proved a few of your questions that you asked .. it is not the dimmer, not the fixture or the lamp .. so it is in the installation of the track or the track itself .. on this track is there a raised edge or groove along one side of the face of the track ?? .. how many wires were in the junction box for this track .. you may have connected a wrong power wire either in this light box or in the first one .. if there were only two wires black / white in this box then we need to look at the first light connections .. how many wires are in that box and how did you connect them ??
Rich and 3 other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Rich replied 7 years ago.
Hmm .. thank you for the accept .. but I am not sure if we have totally resolved the situation .. and that is the goal here .. .. did you find the miss wired connection .. do you need more help ?? please . I will work with you until it is fixed . . just let me know if you need more help .. . Rich

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