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Id like to install a GenTran 3026 Transfer Switch for my Yamaha

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I'd like to install a GenTran 3026 Transfer Switch for my Yamaha EC5000DV generator. The Transfer will handle 6 to 10 circuits and I'm feeding it from outside with a water tight 30AMP enclosure box and 10/4 wire back to the main load center panel(s). The main panel is a Westinghouse B20 3040CT 200AMP with an additional load center to handle extra circuits fed by a 100 AMP double pole breaker in that main panel. The second breaker panel is a GE PowerMark Gold Load Center TLM24BC 100AMP. Here is my question..... can I pick circuits I want to feed during an outage from both panels or do I have to limit my connections from one or the other panel? The GenTran is a 30AMP feed from the generator and will be feed commercial power thru a 60 AMP double placed in one of those panels. I think that the second panel is being used as an overflow due to the first 200 AMP panel being full. I hope all this makes sense but will try and answer any additional questions if you would be so kind to respond.
As long as you have cicuit space in your gentran you can divert and connect any circuits to it as long as you stay within the maximum load capability of the generator. In other words 5000 watts max.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So I can pick circuits from either panel and feed them from the GenTran without worrying about any backfeed situations? I was thinking if I fed power to the overflow (sub) panel I might backfeed to the main thru the 100 AMP doublepole breaker in the main....So that I understand...if I pick circuits in the sub and feed with the GENTran...they won't also energize anything else in the sub or main?
Yes that is correct, you won't be feeding it (those circuits) back you will be feeding them hrough the new Gentran sub panel. They will mot energize anything else. You are fine to go. Just remember to remove these circuits from the existing panel (s) and reroute them to the gentran

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Just to clear one thing up. If your Gentran is rated at 30 amps then your service feed to it should also be 30 amps, not 60.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The Gen Tran is fed commercial 220 to both legs A & B via the DP60 AMP and then uses a DP30 from outside to feed 220 power from the generator when the commercial feed is down and that 60 is shut off and 30 is flipped on. They are tied together (I know you know this) so only one can be in the on position. My A & B legs are the 120 circuits (up to 10) that I will select to feed with the generator when commercial power is off. The GenTran has an A and B watt meter so I can balance and watch the load on both sides and keep somewhat even on the draw while on generator power. Hope this makes sense.
Yes you are fine, I just had an after thought when another expert mentiioned this to me but as long as the buss is rated for at least 60 amps you are set to go, Sorry for the confusion.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I figured the main DP60 was actually split to 30A on each leg to feed the 120v 15A circuits I'll be running. Thank you again for the follow-up and concern for my hooking it up correctly. I was really more concerned about the nuetrals and grounds in the panels. The main looks like it is sharing the same bars for grounds and neutral while the overflow panel appears to keep them isolated from one another. I suppose that is a mute point if the 100 AMP feed to the overflow is coming from the main anyway. Thanks again.
NO a 60 amp 2 pole is 60 amps per leg. The main will share the same bar for grounds and neutral but as your gentran is a sub-panel they will need to be separated from each other which can easily be done when you re-route them no matter where they come from, just bring them (grounds and neutrals) over to the Gentran.