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What causes your lights to dim and then go bright again Ive

Customer Question

What causes your lights to dim and then go bright again? I've been living in this small house for 22 years and I've always noticed that this happens when I'm washing clothes, my air conditioner changes it's output, etc. And it seems within the past year or so it's getting more freguent and pronounced. These surges are even causing the power on my computer modem to go "on and off" and I'm constantly getting disconnected from the interent. This house was built in 1937 and I don't know when the electrial system was last worked on.

I'm a 71 year old retiree living on a fixed income, and most certainly don't have the money to have the electrical system replaced...or for that matter, pay for any extensive repairs. So, I'll be waiting with "crossed fingers" and a prayer to hear from you.

Lynn Cosgrove

Oh, and because my electric bills myseriously tripled for a period of 4 months last year, it it possible that somebody is "tapped" into my lines?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Glenn replied 8 years ago.
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This could be several things
I would start with opening up the panel shut off one breaker at a time and tighten the wire
Do this to all the breakers and the white naturals
If this doesn't work shut off one circuit at a time remove the outlets and tighten all the wires make sure all the wire nuts are tight

Loose wiring will cause what's happening to you
It is always possible something is loose outside
If you tighten everything and it doesn't help call the power company to make sure all the outside wiring is tight
Glenn and other Electrical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Dear Glenn,


Thank you for your prompt reply. Of course, being a woman I don't know a "breaker" from a "white natural"...but I'm sure I can find somebody who does. And following your expert advice, hopefully we can get this problem solved.




Expert:  Glenn replied 8 years ago.
Your welcome and good luck

Thank you for the accept