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Category: Electrical
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What is the distance from the floor to the bottom of an outlet

Customer Question

What is the distance from the floor to the bottom of an outlet and light switch. Can I put my breaker box in my laundry room, if so what is the min. space that I need from a water source ie. washer. And one more can I put my breaker on a interior wall or does it have to be on an exterior wall, I'm running my main supply under ground.      Thanks for your help   Craig   [email protected]
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Paul replied 8 years ago.

Hi Craig.


I always use the measurements of 16" for outlets and 44" for switches and outlets that serve counter tops. In the bathroom though I will use 42" for both, because it looks better. All measurements are to the bottom of the box.

Yes you can put your panel in the laundry room and it does not have to be on an outside wall. You generally want to keep a 3' separation from a water source such as a sink. As long as you have a 30" wide and a 36" deep clearance fro your panel you will not have a problem.

If you need any clarification please let me know.