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Accuratejoe, Master Electrician
Category: Electrical
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Experience:  I own Accurate Mechanical, A full service HVACR and electrical company, I have 25 years experience.
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I have a triple aquastat relay type L8124A, C L8151A, th e

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I have a triple aquastat relay type L8124A, C L8151A, th e domestic water heating has been removed from the heater/boiler, and i must change the wire connections at the aquastat for heating only. can you tell me the jumpers to move? my e mail [email protected] phone is xxxx
Good Morning
Accurate Joe

All your aquastat does is keep your boiler at tempature.

If you are not using heat at the present you should just cut power to boiler to next season.

I am also including documents on aqustats
If you have any other questions please post back
I hope this helped
Accurate Joe
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have a very extensive electrical background, this aquastat in question I want to change to operate heat only and no domestic water control. I was told by changing electrical conections on the aquastat(jumpers etc) this could be accomplished. I would love to have a phone # XXXXX honeywell technical assistance,
Accurate Joe
Please give me your model and serial number of your boiler.

Generaly boilers just have a hot water loop that heats domestic water.
When you open your hot water tap, water flows threw the loop and to your sink.
Your boiler is set to tempature by your aqustat, there should be no electrical modifactions to make.
The manuel for your aquestat shows wirng diagram for several applications.
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