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How do I wire a switch at the end of the run (switch loop)

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How do I wire a switch at the end of the run (switch loop) when I have more than one light (5 actually) in the run?
HiCustomer Is this all new wiring that you are installing? Where is the light switch in relation to the light fixtures? Do you already have the wiring in place and just need to know how to connect it? Also, where is the incoming power source, at the switch or one of the lights?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Jason, This is all new wiring. The light switch is located at the end of the run, which is at the top of the basement stairs. The wiring is in place but can be changed if required (for instance, changing from 12/2 to 12/3 as I suspect). The power source is at one of the lights, in the basement.

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Thank you for the additional information. There are a couple of ways to wire the switch to the lights. Here's the one I recommend because it is the least complicated:


At the light where the power source is, go ahead and connect the icoming source white to the light fixture white and any white wires that go from this fixture to other fixtures.


Connect the incoming source black to a white that goes to the switch. The black that travels with this white to the switch will be bring power back from the switch to the lights. So, at the switch, you will have one 12-2 coming into the box, with the white connecting to the top of the switch, and its related black connecting to the bottom of the switch.


Now, back to the light where the power source is - Connect the black that returns from the switch to the light fixture black and any black wires that leave this fixture to go to other fixtures.


At your other 4 lights, just wire all connections color for color: all blacks together, all whites together, and all grounds together. Don't forget the light fixture leads. Connect the wiring as I have described and you will be all set.


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