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i have a 50 amp circuit with 6/3 romex wire. it is pulling

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i have a 50 amp circuit with 6/3 romex wire. it is pulling 31 amps on 1 leg and 26 on the other what should i do it is a 240 double i need to go with a bigger breaker? or will it be fine

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HiCustomer You don't need a bigger breaker. The 50 amp breaker and number 6 wire is fine for the load it is carrying. You don't add the 31 and 26, the breaker can carry 80% of its rating per leg, or 40 amps per leg in this case, so it will be fine.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
what does the amperage mean i took it off the red and black wire
The amperage is the current that is being carried by the wire and the breaker. When voltage is pushed through resistance, it results in amperage. #6 wire is rated for 60 amps, and you are well under that on both legs. The circuit is fine the way you have it set up.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks for the info so in now way i should add the two nubers together . 50amp breaker i can go up to 40A on each wire or leg
That's correct. You are good to go with the circuit the way it is. It is set up exactly the same way an electrician would set it up.
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