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Very rough estimate of cost per running foot for cable ...

Customer Question

Very rough estimate of cost per running foot for cable needed to tie in a system of wind turbines, approx. 1000 feet apart, each rated at 50kW (mid-range - 6-8mph winds...). There are 2 seperate lines each feeding to a "sub-station" capable of receiving their aggregate power. Each line is 5 miles long, so figure each line has 25 turbines hooked into it in series.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Inactive replied 9 years ago.

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I can give you a basic formula, but since I have no idea on what type of cable is the “industry standard” – you will need to get the price of the cable and work it into the formula.

Ex: if your using a trencher at $200 a day, and for your purposes the cable cost $5/ft, and your hourly rate is $65/hr here is what I would do. If it takes you 4hrs to trench 1000ft, prep and lay the cable and you worked 8hrs a day, here are your cost break downs.

2000’ in 8hr =’s $10,000 for cable based on $5 per ft.

Labor in 8hr =’s $520

Trencher 8hr =’s $200

This total to go 2000’ in 8 hrs will cost $10720.00

Your total cost per / ft will be $5.36 This is not taking into account any material markup.

Now you have to keep in mind – this just a formula. You will need to adjust it based on what you feel you can do. If you can do more or less in the time allotted, you will just need to make the adjustments to fit your individual needs.

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Hope this helps you out. If you should need anything further please don't hesitate to ask. Good Luck!!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Can not accept - the "answer" is doing basic math formulas!!!
What I need "expertise" on is the type of cable REQUIRED to handle the load described.
In my mind, the "formula" would describe what gauge/capacity of cable is needed to handle the input of kw from each turbine AND how far it has to go with minimal (5-10%) loss in efficiency, and finally - an approx. PRICE per running foot - NOT accounting for labor,etc - simply CABLE COST!!
Expert:  Inactive replied 9 years ago.
You did not state in your original post you needed to know what type of cable you need to use. I figured since you work on them you would know. That is why I stated you need to get the price on the cable yourself. Secondly - a price per ft installed will always include labor costs and other means of installing the cabling.

With that being said - I cannot help you, I am going to opt out of the question. Good luck!!