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We have a jacuzzi tub that has stopped working. Not sure ...

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We have a jacuzzi tub that has stopped working. Not sure how long ago as we don''t use it a whole lot. I will try to tell you what I know about it. I''ve already had a plumber out but he could not even find were to locate the motor and left suggesting I find an electrician. The house was built in ''87'' so thinkng that is how old the part would be. It has a on/off switch on the wall, and of course the button on the tub itself to turn it on. It has it''s own breaker, but not sure if it has a GFCI or not. If it does, I would not know where it is. Both of my outlets over the sinks have there own but have not seen one for the jacuzzi. So sorry that is all I have. Again, any help would be most appreciated as I can''t stand the scummy bath water any longer! Thx Dgriffin
HiCustomer Do you have access to a volt meter? If not, did the plumber take any voltage readings? Please reply as soon as possible so we can continue answering your question. Thank you.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Jason's Post: Yes, the plumber did use the meter. all area's seemed live accept the wall switch. it did not register at all.
Where did he take readings that showed hot power was present?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I believe it was the tub on/off button and around the tub, the light switch inside the closet (close to the jacuzzi switch) and other outlets in the bathroom.

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Okay. If he got a reading showing hot power present at the tub on/off button, the problem is internal to the hot tub, and you don't need to concern yourself with where the breaker is in order to troubleshoot the problem. However, I would strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with which breaker in your panel feeds the hot tub for future reference. Since you don't seem absolutely certain that he got a reading of hot power at the button on the hot tub, and you said that the wall switch is dead, my feeling here is that the gfi protection for the hot tub has tripped somewhere. It may have tripped in your electrical panel, or the breaker at that location could be a standard breaker, with the gfi protection being down the line somewhere nearer the hot tub. If you haven't already done so, I would recommend looking at your breakers to see if one has tripped. If you find a tripped breaker, try to reset it. If it won't reset, you will need to call an electrician, or someone who can disconnect the hot tub and then try to reset the breaker. If you do this and the breaker holds, the problem is definitely inside the hot tub. If the main electrical box inside the hot tub has power coming into it, but the hot tub won't work, then the problem is internal, and you may or may not be able to get an electrician to troubleshoot inside the unit. My employer's policy is that we do not troubleshoot beyond the main connections on appliances. Around here, there are hot tub dealers who have service technicians who would be called to repair the unit if it is found to have a properly working circuit connected to it. Please don't hesitate to reply if you feel I can help you further.

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