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Curtis B.
Curtis B., Other
Category: Electric Vehicles
Satisfied Customers: 28092
Experience:  Worked on fleet of various electric vehicles, golf carts, scissor lifts and electric booms.
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I have a G16 yamaha gas golf cart. The grandkids abused it

Customer Question

I have a G16 yamaha gas golf cart. The grandkids abused it last summer with max speed and too many kids on it at once. It's stock (not lifted), but now feels squirrely at high speed (and feels unsafe). I just replaced the brake drums (although that was not the issue and has no impact). I've checked the steering and it seems tight. The bushings on tie rods seem good and the steering box seems tight inasmuch as any movement to the pitman arm moves the steering wheel immediately. The kingpins look solid. A couple of years ago, I added a rear seat so there could be more weight in the rear. However, the issue is there even with just 2 people in the front. Am I missing something in the steering? Could it be the tires, alignment, shocks or?
JA: Has the vehicle turned into a gas hog? And how does it start -- same as usual?
Customer: yes. motor seems to run well, start properly and I've noticed no difference in fuel economy
JA: What is the model/year of your electric?
Customer: it's gas and I'm thinking about 2005, but it's a model G16
JA: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: inspected steering components
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: no
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Electric Vehicles
Expert:  Curtis B. replied 6 months ago.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you! I will do my best to help.

Expert:  Curtis B. replied 6 months ago.

Likely the added weight in the rear has changed the characteristics of the steering. Try putting a sack of feed, or corn, or something that can be easily added for test to the front hood area. The drive and see if the added weight helps. If it does ,you can add weight to the front bumper as a permanent fix.

Expert:  Curtis B. replied 6 months ago.

I see question is still open, did you see my response? Did the added test weight help?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Hi Curtis, I added the rear seat 2 years ago and the cart behaved well over the past time. Even at max speed, there were no issues. Only in the past 2 months has there been a steering issue. I'm not sure if it's steering. It could be front tires, alignment, shocks., but I'll be driving along and suddenly I have to make a sharp steering correction, but not always in any specific direction. I think there's body roll involved. I'm away from the cart for the next 3 weeks, so I can't test anything. I can't see anything loose on on the steering box, tie rods etc. Nor, when I bounce it up and down,do I see excessive bounce. It almost seems like camber or castor issue. Driving me crazy.. Mike
Expert:  Curtis B. replied 6 months ago.

Check all the bushings in the front end, and really to check the shocks, you have to remove them, best to just replace at same tie! Shocks would be my best guess.