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Asad Rahman
Asad Rahman, Lawyer
Category: Education Law
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I am student at Am** Unive**y of the C**bbean, a De** For

Customer Question

I am student at Am** Unive**y of the C**bbean, a De** For P**f**t sc**l, and I have just been recently dismissed on some unjust grounds. I have no criminal record at the school nor in my life, but was in a similar academic review. Upon arriving on the island 15 people came to me for help on their hearings. Since, I had been through it I was obliged to help them. Met with them on a daily basis and got emotionally invested with all of their stories about rapes and deaths and whatnot. One the night of the decisions, we met at a bar to open up their emails. On his hearing there were two honor students who's identity is to be concealed due to strict confidentiality agreements. However, on a small island like this everyone knows everyone. The name of one of the honor students was revealed at the bar and I made the mistake of getting on Facebook and messaging first my close friend Laura, and then subsequently made the mistake of messaging the honor student. Here are the messages sent.

• A*** Su**
hey laura
did you
know if finoa voted against kaorll
please find out asap
my best friend just got dismissed

9/8, 10:50pm
L** A** Ta***

9/8, 10:51pm
A** S**
fiona was the honor student
i need to know if she voted no
to my friend whose dad beat his mom every night
i will destroy her if she did

9/8, 10:54pm
L*** A*** T***
i have no clue if she did - i literally haven't seen her since we walked to the testing center this morning for behavioral

9/8, 10:55pm
A*** S***
please find out
im gonna destroy her
i promise
if she voted no
on one of the best people on this planet

9/8, 10:56pm
L*** A*** Ta***r
I can ask - I don't this she would tell me though but I can ask

9/8, 11:20pm
An*** **hu
i dont care
shes about to be dstroyed
if she didnt vote in favor of the most honest and geneours person
its karol
his dad was beating his mom
every night
she was on the board
that dismissed my best friend
i need to know why
just pelase let her know
that i am about to dstroy her
and zach

9/8, 11:47pm
La**a A** Ta**r
Andrew - I'm so sorry about your friend, I am so sorry. You are a loyal friend and you are always looking out for others...
I didn't even know she was going there tonight until you messaged me.
As I said, she and I have not discussed this so I have no clue - but she is my best friend here, and she is a GOOD person and I can't speculate what did or didn't happen (because I have no clue) but I can tell you she is a good person and she cares about people. She never judged me for failing MCB I - she helped me with what I struggled with when I had to retake it and helped me in MCB II and path I and path II. I have no clue what happened tonight because as I said I haven't seen her all day - but all i can say is that she is a good and caring person.
I know that probably doesn't decrease your anger - but that's all I have.
It also scares me when you say you want to destroy her - I'm just being honest... I don't know what that means...

9/8, 11:49pm
An**w Su**
of course i would nwver hurt anyone in htat manner laura
im just talking out of my ass
just angry right now
dont e ver think other wise
its still me geez
just so sorry i lost my best friend

9/8, 11:53pm
L**a An**e Ta**
tears of relief

9/8, 11:53pm
An**w Su**
im so sad
im so sorry if i meantl other wise dude

9/8, 11:54pm
L**a A** Ta**
i understand you are angry and sad - dude - I get it... but you kind of scared me (my issue - not yours)

9/9, 12:01am
La**a An**e T**or
my heart breaks for your friend - we all gave up so much to come to this island and med school is hard - its even harder on an island where there are regular power outages, sometimes there is no water, no internet... we gave up so much to be here and I get that you are pissed and heartbroken, as I imagine he is. And I am really sorry. you know I've struggled - this hasn't been easy - I get it...

9/9, 12:05am
And**w Su**
im just so depresed

9/9, 12:06am
La** A**e T**or
I'm sorry dude... it sucks...

9/9, 12:17am
A**w Su**
i thought fiona was cool though

9/9, 12:23am
La**a A**ne **r
She's a good person, she's my closest friend

9/9, 12:24am
An** Su**
please find out
if she voted yes for kaorl
karol is literally
the nicest person
ive ever met

9/9, 12:29am
La**a A**e **or
Even though we are BFFs she won't tell me (I know her - I'm certain of that) so I need to know that you won't f**k with her in anyway

9/9, 12:32am
An**ew S**u
but i need to know
if your fBEST friend
said no
to my BEST friend
otherwise im gonna run wit the story that she voted no
against my best friend
i promise you
i will f**k her shit up
not reallt
but tell me
would ayone
vote against karol

9/9, 12:36am
L**ra A** Tay**r
okay - i'm going to bed - Andrew - I care about you and I want to be supportive but I can't hear you talk about f**king people up - I can't handle it now...

9/9, 12:38am
An**w S**u
jsut find out
about your friend
if she voted no
or some faggota name zach
i promsie them both

9/9, 12:38am
La**a A**e T**lor
i'm sorry - can't handle the violent talk - not at all

9/9, 12:39am
A**ew Su**
ok fine
f**k off
love you

9/9, 12:41am
**a An** Ta**r
it just scares me - I will explain later

9/9, 12:41am
An**w S**u
lol im sorry i will never ever do anyting to harm anyone
i promise
just so angry
at her
and zach
i promise you though
i would never ever od anything to harm anyone
i promsie laura
just so depressed and sad
i promise you i wouldnt ever hurt you or your friends
sorry for even menitoning this

9/9, 12:45am
La** An**e **lor
i know you're angry - and i understand but please no more talk of violence - you have no idea...
good night

9/9, 12:45am
And** Su**
im sorry
i promise
i was just angry
and no violence
would ever happen
im sorry again
please frogive me

9/9, 12:49am
La** Ann**Ta**or
i know you were angry and i wanted to be there for you 100% but then I had to draw a line...
see you tomorrow - get some sleep
• Friday

9/9, 8:41am
A**w Suk**
im so sorry
i just read these
please forgive me
i am beyond ashamed at these messages

9/9, 8:42am
La** Ann** **lor
In class now - talk later

9/9, 10:35am
An**ew S**hu
please let fiona know how sorry i am
if you get a chance
9/9, 10:35am
And** Su**
i feel horrible dude, fiona hasnt responded as she shouldnt, but can you please convey my regret
This is the one to the honor student.
• Conversation started September 8

9/8, 10:42pm
Andrew Sukhu
hey did you vote in opposition of Karol by any chance

9/8, 11:42pm
Andrew Sukhu
if you did vote no i will dstroy you
• Friday

9/9, 8:37am
Andrew Sukhu
im so sorry dude
i just saw this drunken ass message
please forgive me, i was drunk when we all got the news and someone said you name
i do apologize sincerely
for that outburst
god im such a jackass
one more time i am so sorry
Upon recieving these messages, Fiona decided to go to the school that Friday and file a no Contact order. I received no notification of such at the time. That weekend I was walking towards my apartment making some noise after and the girl that lives above me, another student claimed I stated that I was going to "literally not figuratively Kill fiona". She made some accusations that I was threatening her and her child. After the initial investigation, her claims were not corroborated but during my Administrative review hearing they treated the claims as if they were fact.
During the hearing, they tried repeatedly to paint me as an alcoholic. Their head of security went around multiple bars and asked how much I drank. They had one isolated incident of me on camera urinating close to a camera next to the security guard station. I am in my 6th semester now and havent had any problems besides my own academic appeal. During the hearing that academic appeal weighed heavy in their decision. The Review focused on rumors about me on campus, hearsay from students. The Dean left copies of the facebook messages on his desk for multiple students to read and thats pretty much how the word got out about this. I was dismissed on the grounds of Honor Code violations, social media violations, and anti bullying violations. They locked my email account a few days later, even though my 10 days of appeal are not yet over, have removed me from classes I was enrolled in during this time as well. I am now in 150000 dollars of debt, and with this on my record any future of transferring is down the drain. No school will accept this type of student.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Education Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 9 months ago.

I am sorry to hear this. I can understand your frustration. You need to let the appeal process play out. Personally< i don't think you have a good case to fight the dismissal based on what you are telling me, but you could still involve an attorney who might be able to pressure the school to let you voluntarily transfer and remove any blemish on your record.

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