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Colleen Grady
Colleen Grady, Attorney and Councelor at Law
Category: Education Law
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Experience:  Assistant Principal, 17 years in the field of Education
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I'm in the middle of an expulsion determination school. My

Customer Question

I'm in the middle of an expulsion determination for graduate school. My nurse preceptor said I completed 80 hrs of clinical time when I was to complete 125. In my Elogs, that is where we document all clients encountered during clinicals. My time did not match what my preceptor had said. I had no idea I was that far off until the class was completed. So the class instructor forwarded the information I guess to the ethics committee. I was just informed today that I was having a conference call with the dean of nurses. I had no clue that I was being considered for expulsion. My clinic days match what is in my Elogs just not the hours are matching. Can I get expelled without being warned, a letter or something warning me if what was going to happen and allow myself to get an appeal or a lawyer? Some where I messed up with logging my time but I didn't do it intentionally knowingly like cheating. Somewhere I messed up with my patient times but they are treating me like a criminal. What do I do
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Education Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I've ta***** *****ke 22 classes from this school and once I have not gotten in trouble or had any violations against me.
Expert:  Colleen Grady replied 1 year ago.

Hello. I will help you with your questions today. I have been an attorney for 26 years and in the field of Education for 16 years. Can you please tell me if your school is a public or private university?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It's for profit, it is chamberlain college of nursing. I am assuming public.
Expert:  Colleen Grady replied 1 year ago.

I looked at the website for Chamberlain. Since this is private university, the law of contracts applies. They would have to live up to the written procedures for discipline found in the student handbook or on the website.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Which I sent a picture of the rules which applies to the offenses.
Expert:  Colleen Grady replied 1 year ago.

I have been trying to find the "Academic Integrity" definitions. Do you please send this to me or give me? The sanctions depend on what rule they was violated.

Expert:  Colleen Grady replied 1 year ago.

Is this your first offense?

Expert:  Colleen Grady replied 1 year ago.

In the Student Code of Conduct, I believe this is the section you are being charged with:

4. Alteration of Records

• Any act by which the signature of an instructor or any authorized agent of the instructor (including student faculty assistants) is changed or forged for purposes of misrepresenting the signature of the instructor or authorized agent

• Any act that changes or alters the time or date of a submitted assignment for purposes of misrepresenting an established due date or time

• Any act of altering any previously completed examination, record of an examination or any other assignment that has been returned to the student, in an attempt to claim instructor error. This includes any attempt to gain an improved grade or additional credit for work not originally completed

Expert:  Colleen Grady replied 1 year ago.

Here is the procedure they have to follow to give you your due process rights:

"D. Procedure for Violations Any member of the Chamberlain community may report a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy. The violation should be reported at the time the violation is observed or immediately after the observation. If a violation is suspected, observed or reported, the chief academic officer (CAO) or designee at the location will discuss the incident with the student in question. The student will be granted the opportunity to deny the allegation and provide details of the incident or admit to the incident. If the student is able to present satisfactory evidence to the CAO or designee, the allegation may be dismissed at that time. If the student admits to the allegation, or cannot discredit the allegation, the CAO or designee will investigate the allegation, evaluate the relevant facts and make a determination as to whether the academic integrity policy was violated. At the discretion of the CAO or designee, the professional review committee may be convened to evaluate the relevant facts and make a determination as to whether the academic integrity policy was violated. If the student is found in violation, the CAO or designee will impose appropriate sanctions. Any prior violation of the Academic Integrity Policy will be taken into consideration when determining appropriate sanctions. Depending on the severity of the violation, the discretionary sanctions may be imposed if deemed appropriate by the CAO or designee. If the student does not agree with the decision or the sanctions imposed, the student may appeal to the campus president (pre-licensure) or the program director (post-licensure). In the event that the campus president or the program director was also the chief academic officer, the point of appeal would be that person’s supervisor. This decision will be final."

Expert:  Colleen Grady replied 1 year ago.

They have to follow these procedures before they suspend or expel you.

Expert:  Colleen Grady replied 1 year ago.

According to these rules you can deny that you did anything wrong and provide evidence in your defense. If they find that you violated the Code of Conduct, they can give you any of the listed sanctions, including expulsion. If you don't agree with the sanctions they may give you, you have a right to appeal to the program director if you are licensed already. If you are not licensed, you can appeal to the campus president. If you lose the appeal, the decision is final.

You could hire an Education attorney to assist you with defending against this. There is nothing in the rules that say you cannot. I always recommend that people seek attorneys from the state bar association. Here is a link to this service with the Illinois State Bar Association.

Please let me know if I can help with more questions. I am here for you. If you are satisfied with my help, I ask that you rate my service.